Oh hi! You want to know more about me and the blog? Well here goes.

My name is Helena. I'm an 18 year old student studying History at the University of Birmingham, but when I'm not drowning in essays, I live on the outskirts of south London with my very small but very lovely family. I'm a film fanatic, shopping expert, professional procrastinator, attempting writer and all-round wondering, bumbling idiot. I drink far to much tea (and disaronno) and you will never find me without a pair of jeans on. Basically bog standard gal.

I created this blog in 2012 as a place to share my thoughts and loves, and much like me over the past 5 years, it has undergone many changes and transformations. I had a long hiatus in 2016/17 but I am back with a new and renewed sense of enthusiasm, ready to write about what I love again. I can't promise what you'll find here, a mix of everything and anything, the mess that is my brain, but hopefully you'll find something you like. Enjoy!




  1. I know you probably would rather me to e-mail this all to you, but being honest, I cant find your e-mail address!! So, here goes^_^
    Basically, my previous blog under the URL of Chloethelifeofanaverageteen.blogspot.com sort of crashed, therefore I have created a new blog under the URL of http://pinstripesandtights.blogspot.co.uk/ but it is very similar to my previous blog, therefore I hope you will be happy to check it out, and hit that follow button if you like what you see:)
    Chloe xx

    1. Hey Thanks for letting me know! Sorry you couldn't find my email I need to put it in here!! Will go follow now xxx

  2. YOU dream of a bigger bedroom?! How do you think I feel??

    Also, I am not weird!

    p.s. jokes!
    p.p.s. i am offended that Primark is not one of your homes. there's no point kidding yourself, who cares if it's cheap, it is amazing!

    1. Yeah I know but I can still dream :) You are weird and I shall edit this ASAP and add Primark. Tadah!! ^_^ xox

  3. Helena! i just found your blog and its awesome. I'm proud to say that i am friends with this blogger ;) xxx


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