Thursday, 29 October 2015

What I Got For My 17th Birthday

On the 15th of October, I turned 17 years old. I can now drive. I know I'm going to be terrible.

I had a pretty good birthday this year, very chilled but lovely, and I got some awesome gifts. Every year pretty much since I started blogging, I've done a post on my birthday goodies and they tend to be quite popular so this year is going to be no exception. It goes without saying that I am of course not trying to brag, I am super lucky and grateful for everything I got and I personally love reading these, thus that is why I am doing my own. So without further ado, here is what I received for my birthday!

My main present this year from my immediate family was a 13inch MacBook Air. I've had my trusty Dell for a very long time now and it was beginning to die thus I have been in need of a new one for a while. So when I receieved this I was beyond ecstatic. How I have gone my life with out a MacBook I do not know. It is so sleek and beautiful and fast (i'm used to waiting 5 minutes for a window to open) and I am just in love. I know I am unbelievably lucky to receive this, it is definitely not something I would expect and I am incredibly grateful. So thank you family.

I also got 2 other little things from my family to unwrap on my birthday (since we went and bought the laptop a week before), the first being a pretty little forest green bracelet and the second this awesome light-up initial, which is such a fun gift and looks fab in my room.

From my grandparents, I got this beautiful gold and black watch from ASOS which has proved most useful since I received it and I am now questioning how I lived with out a watch for so long. I mainly got gift cards and money from other relatives so I thought I would share something I purchased with these which is this red cord pinafore from Topshop. I did an outfit post a while back of the other pinafore I own from ASOS, which I have currently been living in so I thought I would purchase another, this one being in a gorgeous burgundy, perfect for autumn.

I also got some lovely gifts from my friends which include quite a few gift cards which I am yet to spend as wells as an Accessorise elephant necklace, some beautiful rose fairy lights (which after this, I am going to put up), the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body butter which smells good enough to eat, a dinky little Heaven Scent Candle in Fig & Grape, a hand cream and candle a brand called Leafy and Lovely which have the most gorgeous packaging, and lots of food, in particular some candy sushi, which I planned to photograph but them ate. It was awesome though.

Thank you to everyone who gave me a gift and to anyone who said Happy Birthday to me in person or online, it made me smile a lot.

Here's to another year older (and hopefully passing my driving test.)


Saturday, 17 October 2015

Embracing Autumn

||  Skirt - Topshop       Top - Primark       Shoes - Topshop       Tights - M&S       Bag - H&M  ||
||   Watch - ASOS     Necklace - New Look  ||

Today I look like an autumn leaf and I'm loving it.

I think the main thing to talk about in this look is a current cult fashion favourite which I am sporting; the Topshop button-down denim skirt. I'm not usually someone who ends up buying cult fashion items (mainly because I'm very indecisive about them) but I am quite the denim lover so this was right up my street. I absolutely love it; versatile, comfy and a lovely fit, I know I'm going to wear this all winter.

With it I am wearing a burnt red-orange ribbed top from Primark, a shop which I haven't bought anything in in ages. I always go in, ready to buy something and then I can never find anything I like. But lo and behold, the other day I found this bargain screaming autumn at me, and at £6, ran to the till with it. I love it.

The shoes are my newest purchase, brown lace-up walking style boots from Topshop, which I think are going to become one of my wardrobe staples.

For accessories, we have basic black sheer tights, a gold layered necklace I bought a while back in the New Look sale, my new watch from ASOS which I got for my birthday (post coming soon!) and the tardis black bag I use for sixth form (which is pretty empty here, not unreasonably heavy like it usually is).

I am in love with this look. Bring on more autumn style!



Saturday, 3 October 2015

What I've Loved Lately

This is really just a September favourites with a different name. I realised I haven't done any kind of favourites in a very very long time and as I was stuck for inspiration the other day, and have been loving a couple of things recently, I thought I would do one. Thus here we are.

- The Bake Off -  Let's be honest, we all have bake off as a favourite of this month even if we don't know it yet. Bake Off is my favourite programme on at the moment, maybe even of all time and one of the highlights of my year. Before the show I never thought baking could be so intense, but now I shout at my TV numerous times every Wednesday evening. I love it so much. I want either Nadiya or Tamal to win. Not Ian.

- My Eyeliner skills - I used to be awful at eyeliner. Awful. But recently I have really begun to master it, to the point where I can do a relatively good simple wing pretty quickly every morning and I'm rather proud of myself. My favourite is the one in the picture which is the Collection Extreme 24hr because its brilliant and more importantly, a bargain.

- Ben Browns YouTube & Instagram - I have gone through a lot of YouTube phases but at the moment I am loving travel/film-maker/instagram-style YouTube and my current favourite is Ben Brown. His videos just make me want to travel everywhere, especially Cape Town as he captures is beauty perfectly, and everything its so well edited. Basically I want to live his life. I am also loving the whole landscape instagram scene thus I am loving his also.

- Comfy Pyjama bottoms - Recently I have been coming home from sixth form and putting PJ bottoms on immediately, and I'm loving it. Instant comfort. So I thought I'd put it as a favourite.

- Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume - This is really the only product of my favourites. I am unbelievably late to this band waggon as this perfume has been out for an age, but I bought it in Duty Free after my holiday and I have been using it pretty much everyday (because I forget quite a lot). I'm crap at describing scents but it smells very nice. Great description Helena. Vocabulary on point.

- Politics A level - Politics was the only new subject at A level I chose to take as I wanted to try one I'd never done before and I was a little worried I wasn't go to enjoy it. But it has fast become one of my favourites. I'm not 100% sure why I'm loving it but I think it is because every time I go into a lesson, something in the subject has changed; its constantly changing as the news is changing and there isn't any other subject really like that. If you're thinking about A levels, I recommend it.

What are your current favourites? 
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