Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Get The Look // Karlie Kloss

(I tried to do an artistic edit and it didn't go brilliantly but I kind of like it ;)

Today I am doing my first ever Get The Look post! As a fashion blogger, I've wanted to do one of these posts for a while, but I wanted to do it using my own clothing, showing you actual outfits on myself, a bit different from mood boards of items from websites. So I've been looking for a while at outfits of my favourite people online and I now have a couple of celebrities lined up to do, the first being today's inspiration, the beautiful Karlie Kloss!

I absolutely love Karlie's style. Its very simple, yet classy and sleek, focusing on lots of classic pieces matched beautifully and looks very put together and sophisticated. It's quite similar to what I like to wear, nothing too out there, all very simple, casual things, but carefully put together to look more dressy. To be honest, Karlie Kloss could wear a bin bag and I'd still think she'd look stunning, but that's not what we are talking about here so without further ado, lets get into the look!

{both images sourced from here}
The outfit I chose to recreate of Karlie's is one that I've seen her wear a lot of variations of over the last few months and that is the jumper and shirt combination, with dark bottoms. It's something very casual and comfortable yet still smart and makes her look very well put together. In this particular outfit I loved, she is wearing these black leather trousers, with a simple white stripe print shirt and a grey thin knit jumper over the top, paired with black boots and the quilted Chanel bag. As a supermodel, we all know this outfit she's wearing is going to be super expensive (I managed to find out her trousers were Burberry- eek) and not something most of us can afford, but I loved this outfit and so I wanted the challenge of recreating it for less.

||  Jeans - H&M     Shirt - Topshop    Jumper - Brandy Melville     Bag - Boohoo   Boots - second hand  ||

And now for my recreation! It's not exact but it is still very inspired by Karlie's and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I don't not own any leather trousers, as to be honest they aren't my style, but I think my beloved H&M black jeans (or any black trousers) give off a very similar feel. Again for the shirt, I don't own an exact match but I have been trying to find a way to wear this very similar style shirt that I purchased from Topshop for a while and I think it works nicely. The print is a little different, being this subtle botanical print, but I think it goes beautifully and adds my only little twist on the outfit. I did however own a jumper of a pretty exact match from Brandy Melville which I layered over. Karlie's leather pants make the outfit a little more edgy so to add of bit of that vibe, I paired my outfit with these black biker style boots, in place of her plain leather healed boots. For her Chanel Bag, I used my Boohoo one, which was in my last outfit post, as it is the closest match I have. Finally I accessorised with a gold bracelet, as she has done.

I absolutely love this outfit. It's something I would've never thought to wear before I wrote this post but I know it's going to become a go-to outfit in my wardrobe. This is a type of post is new to my blog but I'm honestly so happy with how I managed to recreate the look and I really enjoyed writing it. I hope to write more of these in the future!



  1. I adore your shirt!! Do you remember how much it cost?
    Okay so I've never read a Get the Look post and I've never heard of Karlie Kloss (my head is usually in a book) but this was brilliant! xo

    1. Thank you so much Holly! I'm glad you liked this post. I'm not 100% sure how much it was but I think around £35. Not my cheapest purchase, but I love it and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it (plus it was a little post-results day present to myself :D) Thanks for your lovely comment xoxo

  2. Love your jumper! Brandy Melville is one of my favourites!


    1. Thanks! It's one of my faves too -_- xoxo


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