Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Little Stationary Haul

The summer sunshine is leaving us, we are gradually putting our alarms on earlier and earlier and we are finally having to do that summer work we've been procrastinating for ages (in my case months). This can only mean one thing. It's back to school. I'm not dreading it too much, not like I was last year, as I'm starting college/sixth form, which is all rather exciting, doing classes I actually enjoy. But we all know the best part about going back to school is the stationary shopping, so today I am doing a little post showing you what I have picked up this year.

Firstly I have 2 binders from Paperchase. I'm not sure how many I will need but I thought 2 was a good starting point. The first is this pretty pink and white raindrop patterned one, and the second is actually a DIY I did. I bought the plain cardboard binder and then used some white acrylic paint to paint on this mandala design. I'm not the greatest at art but I think this turned out rather well and I'm quite proud of it. I can't take all the credit though as I got inspiration for the design from this video by Caitlin Rose.

Next I got this gorgeous mint and white pencil case from Paperchase as an everyday one, as well as a clear plastic one from W H Smith because you always need one for exams and my last years one has a big hole in. I never like to use a too big pencil case as I always end up filling it with crap and then can never find what I need!

I also bought a notebook from Paperchase in this black and white bird print which I thought was very pretty. I don't use notebooks a great deal for school, usually just paper and binders, but I always like to have one on hand.

For the more practical bits, I picked up some popper folders that clip into your binders, which I was looking for for ages and finally found. I really don't like the pocket ones you slide papers into in the top as if you accidentally pick up your binder upside down, everything falls out, which is a right pain, so these seemed to fix that problem. I also got some multi-coloured dividers to organised my stuff within the binders as well as a geometry pack because I am taking Maths this year and most of my equipment has gone missing. All of this was from W H Smith. I also bought a rubber. exciting.

For pens and highlighters and fine liners, I had lots from last year that still worked so I plan on reusing them and thus saving myself a bit of money, a bit of a bonus.

And that's everything I bought. I'll probably find I've forgotten something when I go back to school but hopefully I've got it all organised now. I wish you all the luck for the new year at school, and if you are dreading it, don't worry, it'll be over before you know it! What stationary have you bought this year?



  1. I love stationary so much. Thank you for this post :'D
    That folder you customised is gorgeous! xo

    1. You can never have enough stationary ahah :) Thank you Cat! xox

  2. I've bought 3 Pukka Pads which I couldn't really afford but they'll be great for distinguishing revision notes due to the divided sections. I happen to collect stationary so will probably not need to buy any pens or pencils for years .
    I love your notebooks btw!! xo

    1. I completely forgot about Pukka pads! I used to use them loads a few years back, they are so useful :) Thank you Holly! xoxo

  3. Buying stationary is sooo fun! That folder is so lovely (:


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