Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Postcard From Barbados

Photos from Canon Ixus, dad's canon powershot & iPhone 5s
So I do like a good travel post on my blog and since I recently was lucky enough to go away to Barbados a few weeks ago on my family holiday so I thought I would do a post documenting my amazing trip. I love looking back on these posts 2 or 3 years down the line or when I'm sad, as they just remind me how many awesome trips I've had and things I've done.

This was my first time going out of Europe and on a long haul flight, which means I now have my first ever passport stamp which I am very excited about because I am a child. We have wanted to go to the Caribbean for a long time now and after numerous island recommendations, Barbados was a clear favourite and so that is where we chose.

Barbados is beautiful. The beaches are out of this world, with crystal clear sea and sunsets like no other. Not only is the scenery and surroundings like a picture postcard, but everyone there is so kind and friendly and makes you feel very welcome, which was so lovely. Everywhere was so calm and peaceful and everyone on the island was so relaxed, a world away from what its like where I live just outside London. It was the perfect holiday to just unwind and catch up on some much needed rest.

Most days we just sunbathed on the stunning beach, swam in the ridiculously clear and warm water and drank quite a few cocktails. I could not think of anything better, it was heaven.

In terms of exploring, we hired a car for 2 of the days and so we drove all over the island exploring. We drove to the west coast on the Atlantic, which is not as populated or calm but equally as beautiful and we saw these amazing dramatic rocks on the coast in a little village called Bathsheba, which was awesome. We also visited the main attraction site on the island which is Harrison's Cave which was very cool, as well as visiting the main towns of Holetown and Bridgetown. We also spent a large proportion of this time driving around getting lost because Barbados does not seem to like road signs and I was not built to map read :)

I also completely stepped out of my comfort zone and went water-skiing, which ended up being one of the coolest things I've ever done. I managed to get up and get a pretty good run on my second ever attempt which I'm quite proud of (even though the picture shows me falling on my face ahah!)  and I'm pretty sure I didn't stop grinning all the way through. I just want to do it 100 times more, even if my arms did feel like noodles the day after!

But probably the most incredible thing I got to do on this holiday was swim with turtles in the wild. It was one of those 'Is this really me doing this' moments and something I will never forget. They came so close to us and we got to swim around and stroke them and it was incredible. 

Overall I had a brilliant holiday and I feel so blessed and lucky to have been able to do all the amazing things I did while I was there. If you are thinking about going to Barbados or the Caribbean, I definitely recommend it. You will not be disappointed!



  1. Amazing! That sounds like a marvellous trip. I want to visit ALL THE PLACES, you know? The world is so beautiful!

    I love your photos -- gorgeous. And swimming with turtles sounds incredible. Also, congratulations on your run! XD

    By the way, Helena, I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award :)

    1. Agreed, the list of places I want to visit just gets longer and longer! Thank you so much Emily! xo

  2. Ohhh my gosh it looks bloody beautiful. And you swam with turtles!? Oh my god I'm so jealous :'D x

    1. It is a stunning place, if you get the chance, definitely go! Thank you for your lovely comment Cat! xoxo


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