Monday, 6 July 2015

The St Ives Diaries

So about a week ago I came back from the pretty little Cornish town of St Ives where I was on holiday with 4 of my lovely best friends, and I thought I would do a little travel post for you. As I mentioned in a previous post, I finished my exams a few weeks ago and so to celebrate us successful scrambling out of essay hell, we all went away to St Ives for a week, which was awesome.

So after a very long 6 hour train journey with 3 changes and far too much running for trains, we arrived at the tiny 1 platform station sitting on the seafront. We were shown to our little cottage, which despite being very small  cosy, was right in the centre of town and for the price that we each payed, I think was a bit of a steal. 

On the first day we went to the beach and all got sun burnt. Do not underestimate British weather. The wind is deceptive. However, it was a lovely beach, called Porthminster beach I think, shown in the first picture, which was very beautiful and peaceful despite being quite busy. It is also where I took the very nice picture of my 2 best friends, which I think is one of my favourite photos I've ever taken. Since we didn't have a lot of transport we went to this beach a couple of days of the trip.

We also ventured out on an adventure to find the beach we could see across the bay called Carbis Bay, and after a considerably fraught trek where the GPS on my iPhone decided to make up roads that didn't exist, we found ourselves at a beach near a very posh hotel. This is where the silhouette picture of me was take by my pro-photographer best friend. We also saw a huge jellyfish here which was pretty terrifying yet kind of cool and we sunbathed and ate overpriced takeaway pizza. I think this was one of  my favourite days.

It rained on one of the days on which we played every card game in existence. 

One of the biggest challenges I think whilst there was cooking for ourselves. We, particularly myself, aren't made for the complex world of the kitchen and so to not only to decide what to cook, but to buy it and then cook it in a kitchen barely big enough to swing a cat in with limited equipment was not the easiest thing I've ever done, but it went surprising successfully and was rather fun. I also proved that I can successfully boil pasta (I have tried to boil dried pasta 2 times before without success. I took GCSE Food. I know) so go me. As well as home cooking, we also ate a lot of pasties and too much ice cream. Also look at the waffle. I mean I've had waffles before but that waffle. It is the waffle of dreams, a waffle made by god himself, oh my gosh it was so good. I just want to relive eating it over and over again.

I would love to go back to St Ives and look around the general area a bit more, maybe visit Lands End or Penzance since we weren't able to do that this time around. But from the bits I saw, St Ives was beautiful and I recommend!



  1. This holiday sounds so much fun! Just going away by yourselves - I wish I was allowed to do that!
    St Ives looks stunning, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Helena xo

    1. Thank you Holly! St Ives was so pretty, definitely go if you get the chance :) xo

  2. It looks like you had such a great time! Your photos are gorgeous. My friends and I are thinking of doing something like this soon, looks like fun! x

    Eden x / edenroses

    1. Thank you! Hope you have fun if you go away! xo

  3. Sounds like such a lovely holiday! ♥ xx


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