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The Glam Guide by FleurDeForce

Today I am going to be doing a book review of a book I have been anticipating since it was announced, and that is The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force! This post is a little on the late side because of the usual excuses (exams, work blurgh) but finally, here is my honest review!

The Glam Guide is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle handbook written by British beauty vlogger and blogger, Fleur De Force. If you aren't aware of her already (view her beautiful channel here), Fleur makes videos which range from product views and lookbooks, to cooking videos and vlogs with her equally lovely husband and dogs. I'm a little sceptical at times on the YouTuber front but Fleur is the first one I ever watched (and who introduced me to blogging!) and remains one of my favourite Internet humans to this day. She seems so lovely and genuine, and as cliche as it sounds, her videos always make me smile. So when I heard she was releasing a book, written all by her, about the things I love to watch, I did get a little excited.

The book is split into 7 sections; Beauty, Hair, Fashion, Travel, Health & Fitness, Life Love Dreams and Everything In Between and YouTube & Blogging, and covers pretty much everything under the sun in terms of lifestyle. Every section ends with a top 10 tips page, which is great if you want to quickly have a look and get a summery and find some quick tips about the subject.

Starting with the cover, it is just beautiful. I could not have imagined a more beautiful cover myself and I just adore it. But the cover is only the beginning. Once you open this book, you are met with the most stunning illustrations and photographs in the world. I cannot express how my I love the images in this book; They are so beautifully drawn and combine in perfect harmony with each other. I could not have imagined anything more beautiful.

On to the content. The beauty section is the largest, and as someone who isn't that ept at makeup as other things, this section proved surprisingly useful to me. I found a lot of useful tips including how to apply different makeup, how to chose shades, brands and colours as well as skincare sections, including paraben blacklist and face mask tips. One of my favourite parts was the 5 minute makeup section, as I'm always in a rush and often my makeup gets a bit neglected, which I know many people also experience (a teenagers best friend is their bed) hence this section was super handy . If your very experienced in the make-up department there is much you may already know in this section, but I think everyone will find something they enjoy reading or didn't know before.

My favourite part is the fashion section (naturally being a fashion blogger). I love how Fleur captures many different aspects of style, from finding your own to ways to jazz up your existing and fitting your shape. I also love that this caters for a wide variety of budgets, showing she's really thought about her audience. I loved the wardrobe essentials feature, showing you how to shop efficiently for basics to get the most out of whatever your budget is. It has some stunning illustrations, as does the what's in my bag piece, which shows a day bag and night bag. This section covers many aspects of fashion and I just love it

The Love, Life, Dreams & Everything In between was the bit I was possibly most sceptical about, as I was a little worried it would be a bit autobiographical, which although I love Fleur, I wouldn't have been as interested in as I feel like I get that from vlogs. But it completely was not like this.  It had some awesome points in, about body image and self confidence, something which as a blogger I would love to feel more happy about with myself to rub off to my readers. My favourite and in my opinion the funnest part of this section is the First Date Etiquette. As someone who is yet to go on a proper 'date', I found this such an enjoyable and fun section to get me all excited for when I hopefully do! The only thing I felt was possibly a bit out of place was the section on reading your dreams. I felt it didn't necessarily fit with the theme, but this is probably because I personally don't find it that interesting. However, it was still laid out and written well and I think that someone else will love it.

The Youtube & Blogging section interested me (as part of the community) and I think it was represented well, with some valid points, and not just focusing on how to get followers. It's a short section, but I feel like it covers alot, including how to find inspiration to lighting. I maybe would have liked a little more on blogging, maybe a section on how to have a successful blog, as it was primarily about YouTube, but I think many of the features could be applied to both. 

The other smaller sections include a Hair help guide, with hairstyles and tips for healthy hair, and a Travel segment on how to pack like a pro and beat jet lag, as well as a Health & Fitness slice, which I hope will inspire me to eat better and get slimmer. Some of the smoothie recipes sound delicious!
I am yet to try out any of the advice from these bits but I look forward to doing so.

Overall I would definitely recommend this book. I think it would benefit a younger reader, starting out in the beauty/fashion world most, as some of the sections are I would say aimed at beginners but I think everyone could find something they enjoy. Personally, I love it. 9/10 to Fleur De Force!

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  1. I can't wait to read this book as it looks beautiful, and I really enjoy Fleur's videos x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  2. the book looks quite insightful! i need to pick one up

    1. It's great, you definitely should! xoxo

  3. I love the Glam Guide is such a great book to read for us beauty addicts :) I love all her tips - she's such a lovely genuine blogger! x

    1. I agree! Fleur just seems so lovely! xoxo

  4. Oooohh! That looks like a really great book. The pictures inside are so pretty. I would love to go and pick that one up :D

  5. Looks like an awesome book! Will have to purchase.

    emilyrose |



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