Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Unknown We Fear

||  Flannel Shirt - Brandy Melville     Top - Brandy Melvillle   Jeans - H&M    Shoes - Kurt Geiger ||
I'm writing this listening to S Club 7. I feel like you needed to know that.
Another little OOTD for you all today. This has been one of my go-to outfits recently as its super comfy and easy to just throw on whenever I need.
The jeans are my black jeans from H&M, which I've featured before and have lived in most of this winter (and I'm aware it looks like my flies are undone - they're not I promise!). The top and flannel were bought on an outing to London just before Christmas, which was mainly to see the lights on Regent St. but I couldn't resist a pop in the Brandy off Carnaby street, and naturally I bought way too much. I didn't have a flannel shirt until this and I feel it was one of the wardrobe staples I was missing. This one is so snuggly, but I love it most because the colours aren't that bright, but more muted, making it a more versatile piece. And for the top, just a basic long sleeved slightly cropped top in this beautiful green colour, which I have so far worn loads but this was one of my favourite ways too wear it.  Brandy Melville is the worst shop for my bank account as I don't think I've ever been in there and not bought anything. It suits my style completely, mostly fits me perfectly and so I just want everything.
I thought I would glam up this outfit a little bit more with these nude steel-toe flats from Kurt Geiger, which I may or may not have sneakily borrowed from a family member. She never wears them anyway (why I have no idea they are gorgeous). And it took me freaking ages to take that photo of my feet.

I hope you had a lovely January, and that February is kind to you too. I have a few exciting posts planned but lets be honest, its me, so they won't be up for weeks. But maybe I'll surprise myself, unlikely, but you never know. Anyway, have a lovely week. 
Helena xoxo 


  1. Super cute outfit! love the flannel and flats, great post :)

    xx fawnchic

  2. such a cute and casual outfit, I love how you write too, so fun to read! x

  3. You've been nominated for the Liebster Award!

  4. Your flannel is so freaking cool. I have a pair of hm jeans the same and they are amazing. I love your fashion style keep it up I think you could be a big blogger in the future

    1. Thankyou so much. This comment has honestly made my day, you are the loveliest <3 xo


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