Sunday, 11 January 2015

Chelsea Boots Bargain

I have pretty much worn the same pair of grey New Look lace-up boots with every single outfit I've put on since September and a lot of last winter. I've showed them in a few outfit posts, and I still adore them, but they are looking bit worn out, and seeing as they are basically the only shoes I wear, I think I needed some new ones.

I have been wanting a pair of Chelsea-style boots for so long, but I have had real trouble finding any. Either they aren't in a style I like, they're too expensive or out of stock in my size. But then I found these beauties. They are plain black Chelsea boots, with the distinctive elastic patches and a slight scalloped detail around the side. I am obsessed with them

They are from New Look and even though they weren't in the sale, I consider them a sale purchase as they were £20. TWENTY FREAKING POUNDS. I could not believe my eyes when I saw them. For boots exactly how I wanted, of good quality, I think this may be my best bargain purchase ever.

And the secret is? New Look Teens. I hardly ever look in the teen range at New Look but I had a look out of interest and the some of stuff they have was way better than I was expecting, especially the shoes. They have a way more wide range than I thought, with sizes going up to a 7 (which for young teen fashion is not bad). And they are cheaper than the main shoes - in some places, half the price.

The teenage shoes do not appear in the main shoes section, they are rather pesky and often escape our view, but I highly recommend having a look next time you are in store or online because they have some lovely pieces.  I will still continue to buy shoes from the adult section as they do have a larger variety still and many nicer shoes, but I will be checking the teen section just as often. I've already got my eye on a few more things!

Find these boots here 
Happy January!
Helena xo


  1. Looking in Teens section was a really clever idea! They look lovely! ^_^

  2. Those are such cute boots :-) They'll suit all year round too!
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. I know, I think they'll be great with shorts in the summer too! xo

  3. Lovely Chelsea boots, and great price too! They're my go to shoes for autumn/winter and grey days in spring too.
    Emma Xx

    1. Thanks, I am so excited to wear them lots! xo

  4. i love those boots! it looks great


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