Thursday, 24 December 2015

Just In Time For Christmas

It appears I've had a bit of a blogging break over most of this festive period (life happens), but it's not quite over yet so I think there's just time to squeeze in a little christmassy post before its all over. I was tagged by the lovely Making Life A Camera blog (Thank you) to do the Christmas tag and even though I've done this so many times (I think this is the third time :) I still love doing it every year. I've loved reading everyone's different versions this year, and whilst I'm doing the one I was tagged in, I've added a few questions I liked from others to make it my own. So here is my 2015 version of the Christmas tag.

Favourite Christmas movie/s? 
Hands down Love Actually. Anyone who knows me knows I am OBSESSED with this movie. I watch it all year round, and basically every other day over the festive period, and I'm willing to have the argument with anyone who says it's not brilliant. Other honourable mentions include childhood favourites of The Polar Express and The Snowman as well as Elf and It's A Wonderful Life. I like Christmas movies.

Favourite Christmas Song/s?
ALL OF THEM. The music is one of my favourite parts of this season, and my all time favourites are Do They Know Its Christmas, Merry Christmas Everyone and All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Real tree or fake tree?
I would love a real one, but we always have fake one due to convenience. 

Giving presents or receiving them?
I would be lying if I said I didn't like getting gifts, but I do think there is nothing better than finding something you thinks perfect for someone and watching them open it and love it.  

Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
Morning. Stockings before breakfast and then eat, get dressed and open presents under the tree. The evening in my house is reserved for sleeping and watching Christmas TV. 

What tops your tree?
Currently a ribbon bow. It doesn't sound that festive, and to be honest it isn't, but it looks pretty good.  It is sparkly ribbon. We aren't super boring.

Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph. BOOM. Ten points to Gryffindor. 

What would be your dream place to visit at Christmas?
It's got to be in the snowy mountains like the Alps or somewhere. I've never had a white Christmas and I've always wanted one; it just think it would be so beautiful and so fun. I was about to write I'd love to ski as well but I just remember the previous time I've tried skiing (admittedly on a dry slope),  I ended up falling of the lift and doing the splits and there was much pain. So maybe not that bit but definitely a cold, snowy Christmas.

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I wish I had time to make homemade ones but realistically bought ones. One year I do hope to get my craft hat on though!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
My family and I always go into central London for an evening near Christmas and just wander looking at as many lights as possible. We also always watch Carols from Kings on Christmas Eve by the fire with snacks and its very cosy and festive. 

Merry Christmas

Thursday, 29 October 2015

What I Got For My 17th Birthday

On the 15th of October, I turned 17 years old. I can now drive. I know I'm going to be terrible.

I had a pretty good birthday this year, very chilled but lovely, and I got some awesome gifts. Every year pretty much since I started blogging, I've done a post on my birthday goodies and they tend to be quite popular so this year is going to be no exception. It goes without saying that I am of course not trying to brag, I am super lucky and grateful for everything I got and I personally love reading these, thus that is why I am doing my own. So without further ado, here is what I received for my birthday!

My main present this year from my immediate family was a 13inch MacBook Air. I've had my trusty Dell for a very long time now and it was beginning to die thus I have been in need of a new one for a while. So when I receieved this I was beyond ecstatic. How I have gone my life with out a MacBook I do not know. It is so sleek and beautiful and fast (i'm used to waiting 5 minutes for a window to open) and I am just in love. I know I am unbelievably lucky to receive this, it is definitely not something I would expect and I am incredibly grateful. So thank you family.

I also got 2 other little things from my family to unwrap on my birthday (since we went and bought the laptop a week before), the first being a pretty little forest green bracelet and the second this awesome light-up initial, which is such a fun gift and looks fab in my room.

From my grandparents, I got this beautiful gold and black watch from ASOS which has proved most useful since I received it and I am now questioning how I lived with out a watch for so long. I mainly got gift cards and money from other relatives so I thought I would share something I purchased with these which is this red cord pinafore from Topshop. I did an outfit post a while back of the other pinafore I own from ASOS, which I have currently been living in so I thought I would purchase another, this one being in a gorgeous burgundy, perfect for autumn.

I also got some lovely gifts from my friends which include quite a few gift cards which I am yet to spend as wells as an Accessorise elephant necklace, some beautiful rose fairy lights (which after this, I am going to put up), the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body butter which smells good enough to eat, a dinky little Heaven Scent Candle in Fig & Grape, a hand cream and candle a brand called Leafy and Lovely which have the most gorgeous packaging, and lots of food, in particular some candy sushi, which I planned to photograph but them ate. It was awesome though.

Thank you to everyone who gave me a gift and to anyone who said Happy Birthday to me in person or online, it made me smile a lot.

Here's to another year older (and hopefully passing my driving test.)


Saturday, 17 October 2015

Embracing Autumn

||  Skirt - Topshop       Top - Primark       Shoes - Topshop       Tights - M&S       Bag - H&M  ||
||   Watch - ASOS     Necklace - New Look  ||

Today I look like an autumn leaf and I'm loving it.

I think the main thing to talk about in this look is a current cult fashion favourite which I am sporting; the Topshop button-down denim skirt. I'm not usually someone who ends up buying cult fashion items (mainly because I'm very indecisive about them) but I am quite the denim lover so this was right up my street. I absolutely love it; versatile, comfy and a lovely fit, I know I'm going to wear this all winter.

With it I am wearing a burnt red-orange ribbed top from Primark, a shop which I haven't bought anything in in ages. I always go in, ready to buy something and then I can never find anything I like. But lo and behold, the other day I found this bargain screaming autumn at me, and at £6, ran to the till with it. I love it.

The shoes are my newest purchase, brown lace-up walking style boots from Topshop, which I think are going to become one of my wardrobe staples.

For accessories, we have basic black sheer tights, a gold layered necklace I bought a while back in the New Look sale, my new watch from ASOS which I got for my birthday (post coming soon!) and the tardis black bag I use for sixth form (which is pretty empty here, not unreasonably heavy like it usually is).

I am in love with this look. Bring on more autumn style!



Saturday, 3 October 2015

What I've Loved Lately

This is really just a September favourites with a different name. I realised I haven't done any kind of favourites in a very very long time and as I was stuck for inspiration the other day, and have been loving a couple of things recently, I thought I would do one. Thus here we are.

- The Bake Off -  Let's be honest, we all have bake off as a favourite of this month even if we don't know it yet. Bake Off is my favourite programme on at the moment, maybe even of all time and one of the highlights of my year. Before the show I never thought baking could be so intense, but now I shout at my TV numerous times every Wednesday evening. I love it so much. I want either Nadiya or Tamal to win. Not Ian.

- My Eyeliner skills - I used to be awful at eyeliner. Awful. But recently I have really begun to master it, to the point where I can do a relatively good simple wing pretty quickly every morning and I'm rather proud of myself. My favourite is the one in the picture which is the Collection Extreme 24hr because its brilliant and more importantly, a bargain.

- Ben Browns YouTube & Instagram - I have gone through a lot of YouTube phases but at the moment I am loving travel/film-maker/instagram-style YouTube and my current favourite is Ben Brown. His videos just make me want to travel everywhere, especially Cape Town as he captures is beauty perfectly, and everything its so well edited. Basically I want to live his life. I am also loving the whole landscape instagram scene thus I am loving his also.

- Comfy Pyjama bottoms - Recently I have been coming home from sixth form and putting PJ bottoms on immediately, and I'm loving it. Instant comfort. So I thought I'd put it as a favourite.

- Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume - This is really the only product of my favourites. I am unbelievably late to this band waggon as this perfume has been out for an age, but I bought it in Duty Free after my holiday and I have been using it pretty much everyday (because I forget quite a lot). I'm crap at describing scents but it smells very nice. Great description Helena. Vocabulary on point.

- Politics A level - Politics was the only new subject at A level I chose to take as I wanted to try one I'd never done before and I was a little worried I wasn't go to enjoy it. But it has fast become one of my favourites. I'm not 100% sure why I'm loving it but I think it is because every time I go into a lesson, something in the subject has changed; its constantly changing as the news is changing and there isn't any other subject really like that. If you're thinking about A levels, I recommend it.

What are your current favourites? 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Pinafore Girl

||  Pinafore dress - ASOS     Top - Brandy Melville    Shoes - New Look    Bag - Brandy Melville  ||

For today's outfit post, I am share one of my absolute favourite items ever - my pinafore dress!

I have been wanting a pinafore for a while, and so when I saw this beauty on ASOS, I could not resist it. And then when it came, it was even more perfect than on the website. I absolutely love the style of this dress, the button down front, the slightly washed-out black denim, how ridiculously comfortable it is, just everything. It is so versatile and makes everything you wear with it look beautiful. When I wore this to sixth form the other week, I got so many compliments on it (from people I barely knew as well:) and it just made me feel so confident and good about myself, and that's what fashion should do. I freaking love it.

I paired it with a striped long-sleeved top from Brandy Melville (I am obsessed with striped tops at the moment) which is so soft and cosy, perfect for as it gets a bit colder. It also has cute little thumb holes which are so snuggly and make me feel like such a child :)

I then popped on my staple black Chelsea boots and then my battered tan satchel to add a little bit of colour to the predominantly monochrome outfit. And ta-dah! I think this might be one of my favourite outfit posts I've put on my blog ever. Love, love love.

I also love this post because it was so easy to photograph because I finally figured out the settings on my camera. I've owned it for over 2 years. I know. But it made me very happy. So happy I have a goofy picture at the end :)

Do you own a pinafore? Do you like this trend?

Lots of love 


Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Little Things #3

- Steaming hot cups of tea
- The smell of a new book
- Getting the last seat on a long train journey
- Looking back over pictures of you and the ones you love when you were young
- Stunning sunsets
- Writing a really impressive and intellectual sentence
- Paying someone a compliment and seeing them beam
- Smiles from strangers
- Getting soaking wet in the rain and coming home to a warm house
- Getting perfect winged eyeliner
- Working really hard at something and it paying off
- Having no homework and actually being able to do what you want upon an evening
- Perfectly timed photos
- Waking up after a good nights sleep
- The butterflies when something great is about to happen
- Walking barefoot on the grass in the sunshine
- Fresh clean bed sheets
- Deserted beautiful beaches all to yourself
- Infectious laughter
- Feeling happy and content in your own skin...

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Get The Look // Karlie Kloss

(I tried to do an artistic edit and it didn't go brilliantly but I kind of like it ;)

Today I am doing my first ever Get The Look post! As a fashion blogger, I've wanted to do one of these posts for a while, but I wanted to do it using my own clothing, showing you actual outfits on myself, a bit different from mood boards of items from websites. So I've been looking for a while at outfits of my favourite people online and I now have a couple of celebrities lined up to do, the first being today's inspiration, the beautiful Karlie Kloss!

I absolutely love Karlie's style. Its very simple, yet classy and sleek, focusing on lots of classic pieces matched beautifully and looks very put together and sophisticated. It's quite similar to what I like to wear, nothing too out there, all very simple, casual things, but carefully put together to look more dressy. To be honest, Karlie Kloss could wear a bin bag and I'd still think she'd look stunning, but that's not what we are talking about here so without further ado, lets get into the look!

{both images sourced from here}
The outfit I chose to recreate of Karlie's is one that I've seen her wear a lot of variations of over the last few months and that is the jumper and shirt combination, with dark bottoms. It's something very casual and comfortable yet still smart and makes her look very well put together. In this particular outfit I loved, she is wearing these black leather trousers, with a simple white stripe print shirt and a grey thin knit jumper over the top, paired with black boots and the quilted Chanel bag. As a supermodel, we all know this outfit she's wearing is going to be super expensive (I managed to find out her trousers were Burberry- eek) and not something most of us can afford, but I loved this outfit and so I wanted the challenge of recreating it for less.

||  Jeans - H&M     Shirt - Topshop    Jumper - Brandy Melville     Bag - Boohoo   Boots - second hand  ||

And now for my recreation! It's not exact but it is still very inspired by Karlie's and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I don't not own any leather trousers, as to be honest they aren't my style, but I think my beloved H&M black jeans (or any black trousers) give off a very similar feel. Again for the shirt, I don't own an exact match but I have been trying to find a way to wear this very similar style shirt that I purchased from Topshop for a while and I think it works nicely. The print is a little different, being this subtle botanical print, but I think it goes beautifully and adds my only little twist on the outfit. I did however own a jumper of a pretty exact match from Brandy Melville which I layered over. Karlie's leather pants make the outfit a little more edgy so to add of bit of that vibe, I paired my outfit with these black biker style boots, in place of her plain leather healed boots. For her Chanel Bag, I used my Boohoo one, which was in my last outfit post, as it is the closest match I have. Finally I accessorised with a gold bracelet, as she has done.

I absolutely love this outfit. It's something I would've never thought to wear before I wrote this post but I know it's going to become a go-to outfit in my wardrobe. This is a type of post is new to my blog but I'm honestly so happy with how I managed to recreate the look and I really enjoyed writing it. I hope to write more of these in the future!


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Little Stationary Haul

The summer sunshine is leaving us, we are gradually putting our alarms on earlier and earlier and we are finally having to do that summer work we've been procrastinating for ages (in my case months). This can only mean one thing. It's back to school. I'm not dreading it too much, not like I was last year, as I'm starting college/sixth form, which is all rather exciting, doing classes I actually enjoy. But we all know the best part about going back to school is the stationary shopping, so today I am doing a little post showing you what I have picked up this year.

Firstly I have 2 binders from Paperchase. I'm not sure how many I will need but I thought 2 was a good starting point. The first is this pretty pink and white raindrop patterned one, and the second is actually a DIY I did. I bought the plain cardboard binder and then used some white acrylic paint to paint on this mandala design. I'm not the greatest at art but I think this turned out rather well and I'm quite proud of it. I can't take all the credit though as I got inspiration for the design from this video by Caitlin Rose.

Next I got this gorgeous mint and white pencil case from Paperchase as an everyday one, as well as a clear plastic one from W H Smith because you always need one for exams and my last years one has a big hole in. I never like to use a too big pencil case as I always end up filling it with crap and then can never find what I need!

I also bought a notebook from Paperchase in this black and white bird print which I thought was very pretty. I don't use notebooks a great deal for school, usually just paper and binders, but I always like to have one on hand.

For the more practical bits, I picked up some popper folders that clip into your binders, which I was looking for for ages and finally found. I really don't like the pocket ones you slide papers into in the top as if you accidentally pick up your binder upside down, everything falls out, which is a right pain, so these seemed to fix that problem. I also got some multi-coloured dividers to organised my stuff within the binders as well as a geometry pack because I am taking Maths this year and most of my equipment has gone missing. All of this was from W H Smith. I also bought a rubber. exciting.

For pens and highlighters and fine liners, I had lots from last year that still worked so I plan on reusing them and thus saving myself a bit of money, a bit of a bonus.

And that's everything I bought. I'll probably find I've forgotten something when I go back to school but hopefully I've got it all organised now. I wish you all the luck for the new year at school, and if you are dreading it, don't worry, it'll be over before you know it! What stationary have you bought this year?


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Peep Of Summer

||   Trousers - River Island      Top - Hollister     Sandals - Topshop     Bag - Boohoo  ||

The British summer has more or less left us where I live, thus it is currently a miserable grey outside pretty much 24/7, but the other morning the sun decided to show its face for a brief but beautiful hour and so I nipped out into my garden and took a new outfit post for you. This is one of my go-to outfits at the moment, and something I think will be a great outfit transitioning into autumn.

This outfit centres around these gorgeous trousers I purchased from River Island at ASOS. I had this in my saved items all the way through my exams just waiting till the end so I could order them as a little victory present for myself. They are in this unusual green, black and white print which I can only describe as a variation of zebra print as that is all that comes to mind, but whatever it is, I completely love it. They are so comfy yet very cool also, so perfect for summer days when shorts aren't really doing it for you or its raining (highly likely the latter in the UK). They are also pretty opaque for something so thin, so no danger of any awkward underwear-showing-through situations (we've all had it), which is always good. Too much information? Too much information.

I paired it with my white Hollister crop top with the daisy detailing on the back, which is one of my go-to tops in the summer as its so dainty and pretty and versatile. I think I've said this before but if you haven't been into Hollister since you were 12 and they only sold T-shirts with Hollister written on, definitely pop in because they have really changed their style and they have some really lovely on-trend things in there now.

For accessories, I popped on my tan Topshop sandals which have gotten a ton of wear this summer, and my black bag from Boohoo, one of the newest additions to my wardrobe, which I like very much indeed. If it was a little cold I'd throw over my denim jacket.

I hope you are all having a lovely week. I'm currently crapping myself because results day is on Thursday, and I am convinced I'm going to be disappointed. A tiny bit of me is hopeful that it might be OK, but we shall have to see. The waiting game is drawing ever closer to its scary end. Fingers crossed. Good luck if you're getting them too!

Lots of love

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Postcard From Barbados

Photos from Canon Ixus, dad's canon powershot & iPhone 5s
So I do like a good travel post on my blog and since I recently was lucky enough to go away to Barbados a few weeks ago on my family holiday so I thought I would do a post documenting my amazing trip. I love looking back on these posts 2 or 3 years down the line or when I'm sad, as they just remind me how many awesome trips I've had and things I've done.

This was my first time going out of Europe and on a long haul flight, which means I now have my first ever passport stamp which I am very excited about because I am a child. We have wanted to go to the Caribbean for a long time now and after numerous island recommendations, Barbados was a clear favourite and so that is where we chose.

Barbados is beautiful. The beaches are out of this world, with crystal clear sea and sunsets like no other. Not only is the scenery and surroundings like a picture postcard, but everyone there is so kind and friendly and makes you feel very welcome, which was so lovely. Everywhere was so calm and peaceful and everyone on the island was so relaxed, a world away from what its like where I live just outside London. It was the perfect holiday to just unwind and catch up on some much needed rest.

Most days we just sunbathed on the stunning beach, swam in the ridiculously clear and warm water and drank quite a few cocktails. I could not think of anything better, it was heaven.

In terms of exploring, we hired a car for 2 of the days and so we drove all over the island exploring. We drove to the west coast on the Atlantic, which is not as populated or calm but equally as beautiful and we saw these amazing dramatic rocks on the coast in a little village called Bathsheba, which was awesome. We also visited the main attraction site on the island which is Harrison's Cave which was very cool, as well as visiting the main towns of Holetown and Bridgetown. We also spent a large proportion of this time driving around getting lost because Barbados does not seem to like road signs and I was not built to map read :)

I also completely stepped out of my comfort zone and went water-skiing, which ended up being one of the coolest things I've ever done. I managed to get up and get a pretty good run on my second ever attempt which I'm quite proud of (even though the picture shows me falling on my face ahah!)  and I'm pretty sure I didn't stop grinning all the way through. I just want to do it 100 times more, even if my arms did feel like noodles the day after!

But probably the most incredible thing I got to do on this holiday was swim with turtles in the wild. It was one of those 'Is this really me doing this' moments and something I will never forget. They came so close to us and we got to swim around and stroke them and it was incredible. 

Overall I had a brilliant holiday and I feel so blessed and lucky to have been able to do all the amazing things I did while I was there. If you are thinking about going to Barbados or the Caribbean, I definitely recommend it. You will not be disappointed!


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Summer Bucket List

When I have no commitments, I am a very lazy person. I will sit around all day watching too many movies and crappy reality TV just because I can and I will never get anything done that I actually want to do. And I don't like this.

As this post goes up, I have recently got back from my holiday, which was very exciting, and now I've come back, I have a bit under 5 weeks with not a lot to do. And there are lots of things I want to do, both big and little. So in order to give me a kick up the bum and remind that I want to do them, I'm going to share them with you in the hope the by putting them in writing it will encourage me to do so. Therefore, I present to you my summer bucket list.

1. Go to the Cereal Cafe in London
I love cereal and the fact there is a place where you can buy cereal 'cocktails' excites me. So at some point I want to head up to Brick Lane and try it for myself.

2. Improve on my Ukulele
I got a Ukulele about 18 months ago, and whilst I still love play it, this hobby has taken a bit of a back seat in the last few months and as a result I seem to have forgotten alot of what I taught myself. So I would love to get back into it and improve (as to be honest I was not that good in the first place).

3. Trawl the charity shops
The town where I live in is notorious for being full of charity shops and I really don't make use of them. Recently I have been absolutely loving Tolly Dolly Posh's blog and style and she seems to nab some brilliant pieces from charity shops and jumble sales, so this summer I'm going to take a leaf out of her book and spend some time have a rummage and hopefully find some beautiful bargains.

4. Have a barbecue on the beach
I don't live particularly near the beach so this one might be a struggle, but I'm putting it on none the less. I love the sea and the sand and I  just love the idea of buying a disposable barbecue and sitting on the beach eating burgers watching the sunset with my best friends. Might happen, might not, we will see.

5. Get a job
I'm 16 almost 17 years old. I need a job. There's not really much more too it. I have no idea what yet but I know I need to really get my act together and sort this one out.

6. Buy and learn to skateboard.
I feel I missed out on doing this as a child so I want to recify this. It's just something fun I would love to give a go one afternoon.

7. Begin to write a book
Pretty self explanatory, but I have so many ideas floating around in my head I just want to try and write some of them down and see what happens. It might be a disaster and I'm not intent on definitively finishing anything, but I just want to give it ago.

8.Have a water fight.

9. Do more exercise.
Now I said I was going to do this after my exams finished but that hasn't seemed to have happened yet. I do a bit of exercise, I still play tennis regulary, but nowhere near as much sport as I used to, especially since I never have to do PE in school again. But I want to stay fit and healthy and try to get in shape. I think I want to start running and maybe cycling. Any sports you recommend?

10. Do more creative things
This is vague because I'm not exactly sure what I want to do in order to tick this off, but I'm implying maybe to make something or start something new. I'd love to get back into art, create something new out of something old or even start an Etsy shop. Just get my creative cap on.

11. Have an adrenaline rush.
Do something out of my comfort zone. (I think I've actually done this since I started writing this post so go me)

12. Go to a cricket game.
Something I don't really express my love for on the blog is cricket. I am a rather big cricket fan, and as I did not manage to nab Ashes tickets, I want to go to a couple of county league games this summer because it's something I love doing with my family as they have bred their love of it into me and it's a love we share.

13. Recontact with an old friend
I do have a person in mind for this, but I haven't yet plucked up the courage to make contact with them after a very long time of not doing so. We are on good terms, we have just lost contact for a couple of years and I want to see them again. I feel like this is getting a bit deep. Moving on.

14. Go to an outdoor cinema
Very American chick-flick and tumblr-y but hey, it sounds like fun to me. I might be a bit late to buy tickets to these but fingers crossed I can make this happen.

15. Bake Pinterest food.
You know all that food porn you see on Pinterest and Tumblr and you're like 'OMG GIVE ME IT'? I want to actually make some.

16. Write a letter to my future self
There are so many things that I keep thinking 'I want to be like that when I'm older' or 'I want to do that when I'm older' and so I want to write all these thoughts down so I don't forget them, and then I can read back over them when I'm older.

It's unlikely I will do all of these but I will give as many as possible a good go. I'm looking forward to doing it. Do you have a summer bucket list and what's on it?


Sunday, 19 July 2015

That 70s Style

||   Top - ASOS      Shorts - ASOS     Hat - Monki    Sandals - Topshop    Bag - Gap  ||

I feel I'm channelling a bit of my inner 70s with this outfit, and I'm kind of loving it.

The main item in this outfit is this gorgeous off-the-shoulder white blouse from ASOS, which I picked up a short while ago. Off-the-shoulder is a pretty big trend at the moment and I really like it yet I wanted something a little different from the classic plain jersey OTS crop tops everywhere. I spotted this on ASOS and knew it was perfect. I love the unusual back (unfortunately my only strapless bra is black so I'm going to need to buy another asap) and I love the ruffle details and the wide sleeves, which really channel the 70s vibe subtly yet beautiful. I think I'm killing 2 fashion birds with one stone in this top, so a definite steal and something that is likely to become a wardrobe staple. I just paired it with some basic denim high-waisted shorts also from ASOS, as I'm a bit of a denim shorts nut and am constantly buying different pairs. I think these are my new favourites though.

For accessories, I'm wearing my new favourite piece in this black hat from Monki, which I am completely obsessed with. I think it's so classic and simple but really completes many different outfits, and I think it will be great in both in summer and winter.

I'm also wearing these black gladiator sandals from topshop. These are something I never would have usually looked at but I saw them in the YouTube Video and fell in love.

Finally beloved fringe bag from Gap, which I've had for an eternity. Literally, since I was about 9.

I loved the subtle 70s vibe of this outfit, as it is still very simple, like my style, yet has that little something extra which is a bit different from what I often wear. I love it. For me the 70s is a win. What do you think of this trend?

Hope you are having a lovely week

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