Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Christmas Edit

So yes I am alive. I have had a rather unannounced hiatus due to the joy of Christmas exams, but I am back and am ready to super-blog a million Christmas posts. The first of these is my Christmas Edit, a post of my different things I will be loving and have so far loved this Christmas period. Its basically a favourites/Christmas tag with a fancy name. Lets Go.

READ - I plan to get some serious reading done in these holidays. I will be finally getting around to finishing Fangirl, which I started a few months ago but had to put on hold due to work. But I loved what I read so hopefully the rest will be equally as awesome. I will be re-reading Dash & Lily's Book of Dares, my favourite festive novel, which will probably be my Christmas day read as its cute and light and lovely. I plan to read lots more but these are the beginnings.

WATCH - The awesome television that is on at Christmas! I've already studied my Christmas Radio Times (as is tradition) and there seems to by many good things, most notably, the final episodes Miranda. I am a great lover of Miranda and have been for rather a while and now the final episodes are here, I'm not sure whether to feel excited for it or sad that it's ending . In terms of movies, I have already watched Love Actually multiple times and will continue to do so until long after Christmas because I love it and will never get bored of it. I also plan on watching Elf, The Polar Express and It's A Wonderful Life as those are other classics I watch every year.
EAT/DRINK - Drinking lots of tea and Christmas Costa (the black forest hot choc is soooo good) and eating lots of junk food of which highlights include chocolate, gingerbread, pigs-in-blankets, mince pies and Yorkshires.
WEAR - Makeup-wise, lots of dark nail colours including these 2 Barry M ones in Plum and Blackberry. I also love the colour Raspberry but I seem to have temporarily misplaced. Also, eyeliner has become my new obsession, in particular this Collection one which you probably all already know is good as I feel like its the only eyeliner I ever mention. I haven't really bothered with eyeliner before but I've been making an effort recently and over the holidays I'm hoping to improve. And of course the classic Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107, which is cliché and hyped but brilliant and very Christmassy. For fashion, staples including these festively coloured hair bows as well as a flannel shirt from Brandy (outfit post soon).
LOVE - Pumpkin SoufflĂ© candle from Anthropologie, which is literally Christmas in a smell. Also the festive decorations and lights in my house and in my town which makes me feel all festive and fuzzy, and not forgetting the Christmas music. Also loving the sleep of which getting a huge amount. And I am also loving my study leave in which most of my exams were before so I basically got loads of extra holiday. Of which I have mostly slept.
Isn't that what Christmas is for?
I am planning on doing another post before Christmas but if no, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Have a lovely day
Hugs, Helena xoxo


  1. Those nail polishes look really nice! :)
    - F -

    1. They are lovely and really opaque; you only need one coat. Thanks for your comment xo

  2. ELF! I've not watched that yet and it'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS. WHAT AM I THINKING?! *searches frantically for DVD*

    I've also got that Kate lipstick! Except, I find it comes off pretty quickly so I tend to pair it with a red lip gloss as well, but both need topping up quite a bit! :/

    1. I haven't actually watched it yet either but I shall! I agree about the lipstick - it comes off too easily - but the colour is just so pretty I think I forgive it :) xoxo

  3. Loved this post Helena! I'm happy you're back blogging!

    x x

  4. love this post it was a great read hun

  5. I love the tartan bows!! :D Welcome back to blogging - I hate it when Exams get in the way Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thanks :) I hate not being able to blog, exams are horrible, and I have more this year. But hopefully I will manage to blog a bit in between xoxo


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