Monday, 24 November 2014

Letters To Autumn

Dear Autumn,
You're nearing your end now and the frost is biting in, the leaves disappearing and the Christmas decorations going up. As much as I am excited for all the festivities, I am sad to see you go as as well as bringing in scarves and dark mornings, you also bought me some great memories. With Autumn came the beginnings of my final year of school. So far its been hard, with the increase in essays and late night science questions, but its been brilliant as I have got to spend every minute with my friends. From, the warm puddings at lunch to the pizza and movie nights binge watching Sherlock, I've had some good times so far and I hope when I leave you those continue. Later on in your days Autumn, you bought my birthday where I turned 16. I had an awesome time, got some awesome things, but I can't help but feel sad I'm leaving my childhood behind. My Blue Peter badge is no longer valid, I have to buy an adult train ticket (although I'm going to try to get away with a cheap one for at least another year) and I have to make decisions determining my future. And I'm not ready for this. I still feel like I'm 12, worrying about friendships and if I missed my favourite TV show. I'm forced to become older, grow up, chose my life. I used to count away the days till I was 16 and now I'm hear all I want is to turn back time and be young again. But don't get me wrong Autumn, being 16 isn't all bad. So far its good, and I'm on my way to the future, not having to do maths anymore, learning to drive and getting older. Autumn, I'm scared for what lies beyond the leaves, but I'm also excited.

So Autumn, You've been good and I will miss you and be sad to see you go. But I'm excited for Christmas, the lights, the extravagant foods, the coal fires and tea and lots and lots of sleep. But I also excited for the future beyond December and if you never left I'd never get to see the awesome things that are yet to come.

Goodbye Autumn, and until next year.
Inspired by Carrie and Cat

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Messy Hair, Don't Care

||   Top - H&M    Jeans - H&M   Shoes - New Look    Bag - Accessorize   ||

So this is a very autumnal outfit I thought, although autumn is now rapidly becoming winter. My top and jeans were a recent purchase from H&M, which I've really been loving their autumn collection; there are so many lovely pieces and its really affordable so I recommend a pop in there. I'd been on the hunt for some black jeans for a while and I'd been waiting for Topshop to bring out some nice ones but then I saw these for half the price - woop! My boots are just my staple grey boots from New Look and then just the bag I uses for school which I got earlier this year.

My cat left halfway through photographing this. She was unimpressed.
Yes I am still alive. I have had way more work than I anticipated recently and I have unfortunately neglected my blog, however I now have a few posts in my drafts so I'm getting organised! I don't really have much more to say other than that, my life has been rather uninteresting. Since we last spoke, I've been to see Love Rosie (cutest film), I saw the Poppies at the Tower of London along with the rest of the world - I went on the day they closed the tube it was so busy, and it was Halloween and I was cat, very inventive I know. A mini life update in a sentence :)

Hope you all had a good week
Hugs, Helena xoxo
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