Sunday, 7 September 2014

If In Doubt, Floral It Out


||    Top/Kimono - TK Maxx (I think..)    White Top - Topshop      Jeans - Topshop   ||

So this is another little outfit for you today. I think it's quite a nice summer/autumn transition outfit because its not to warm and wintery but not to summery.

Starting at the bottom with my beloved Jamie jeans. I've talked about these a million times, but I love them so much and you can expect to see these and my other pairs in future outfit posts. The are honestly the most perfect high-waisted Skinny jeans in the world. I really want to get a black pair as well.
The little white top was rather an accidental purchase. I bought another grey similar one a few weeks ago and when I got to the till the women told me they were on offer, so I just picked this up without thinking. It was only £4 so you can't really go wrong. I'm surprised how much wear I've already got out of it, I thought it was a bit of a bad purchase, but it turns out it was rather a good one.
Finally is this floral Kimono/Top thingy. It's originally a top and you do up 2 buttons, and it has a sort of flowy open back. But that wasn't really floating my boat. So I am currently wearing it back to front, with the back open, as a kimono. I have been a bit on the fence with the kimono trend and I haven't previously seen any I like, but I am in love with the pattern of this. So where is it from, I hear you ask? Well, I'm not 100% sure because it is a second has piece from a family member and they cut out the tags so they don't show through (as its sheer) but I'm 99% sure they got it in TK Maxx.

I have also really been loving a awesome fashion app called The Hunt, where you post pictures of items you see on Tumblr or Pinterest or anywhere, and the other users help you find where to buy it. I have put the top on it to see if I can be 100% sure where it's from, but it is yet to be found. But you can find me @helenabub.

This was meant to be my summer reads post but unfortunately I have not finished it. I shall be my next post. I am planning to start a blogging schedule of a new post every Monday (and one other day of the week if have time). We shall see how it goes. But this weeks Monday post is on Sunday :)

Hope you had a good week, I went back to school to be greeted with immediate coursework and maths last thing on a Friday - oh joy.
Helena xo


  1. The kimono is gorgeous - it really suits you.
    Uh, I had Maths last on a Friday for two years, and this year I've been given Science then instead, which is just as bad in some ways but at least it isn't Maths three years in a row.

    1. Ahh Thankyou Holly! I had science last thing last year and it was pretty bad but I think maths is going to be worse :( But I have quite a nice maths teacher so hopefully it wont be to bad :) xo

  2. love the kimono! gorgeous outfit!

  3. pretty outfit, really like the kimono :)

  4. That is so cool how you turned the kimono back to front. I really wouldn't have guessed.
    It is such a lovely pattern! ^_^

    1. I love wearing clothes in different ways - it makes them more original :) Thankyou so much Marian x

  5. I have been loving kimonos, but it seems to have now gotten cold as soon as I bought one, so will look forward to wearing it next year!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway


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