Friday, 27 June 2014

Veins Of Light And A Heart Of Happiness


||    Top - Topshop     Jeans - Topshop   ||
Let me just start with these jeans. I am IN LOVE with these jeans. I bought them a few months ago as a bit of a impulse as they are quite out of my comfort zone but ohmygosh I am so glad I did. They are my new favourite clothing item. They are so comfy and surprising go with so much of my wardrobe. I will be wearing these all summer. The top just caught my eye and I really like its ruffly sleeves and usual length (its short but not quite a crop top).
I have had a little unannounced hiatus in June, (I haven't been on tumblr once during revision oh yes) but It was exam season and this revision is just everywhere. But this summer I am going to get on top of this blogging lark I promise. I'm going to write and schedule so many posts your minds will be blown. It's going to happen.
Okay. I feel I just have to mention The Fault In Our Stars. Can we just have a moment of silence for its perfection. IT WAS SO GOOD. I was so scared the film was going to be a let down but It was just unbelievable. I went to the fan screening near me and It was just a room full of weeping fangirls - it was amazing :)
I hope all of your exams are over (I have a few mocks left - almost there!) and you are basking in the sunshine watching Wimbledon. Tennis is cool.
Have a lovely week
Helena xox
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