Monday, 12 May 2014

ModCloth Style Storyboard Challenge

So I was asked to participate to in the ModCloth Style Storyboard Challenge and I thought It looked like fun, so here we are. I was given this lovely galaxy print dress to style with up to any 7 pieces from the ModCloth website.
I thought I would style a outfit for a city day out, since I live very near London. This is a outfit that's comfortable but fashionable and perfect for a shopping or sightseeing city trip.
Firstly, I chose this top which I would tie a knot in the front to make the dress a skirt to make it more casual and in a simple grey colour to not distract from the vibrant colours in the dress/skirt. Then I picked out these flip-flop sandals which are comfy for walking but still lovely with the rose gold details, and then I added a huge brown bag to carry all the city life essentials . For the finishing touches, I chose this cat ring because lets be honest it is the prettiest cutest ring in the world and I couldn't not have it. It adds a bit of bling to the outfit :) Finally a pair of simple black sunnies because I'm a weather optimist and they complete the outfit for a sunny day.

The pieces I mentioned are linked here: Dress, Top, Bag, Shoes, Ring, Sunglasses

I may have missed something but i never really knew about ModCloth before they approached me but I'm so glad they did as I love some of their pieces and will definitely been buying a few bits in future ^_^.

Hope you had a good week
Helena xx


  1. Hi Helena! My apologies for not dropping by in what seems like FOREVER! I've missed your lovely blog. Anyway, you have a good eye for fashion and that ring you chose.... LOVE IT! I would totally wear this outfit.
    - July from

  2. Really pretty stuff! I love the whole outfit!


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