Saturday, 19 April 2014

If I Wear I A Check Shirt, Do You Think I'm A Cowboy?

||   Shirt - Topshop       Crop Top - Hollister       Jeans - Topshop      Socks - Topshop   ||
A quick outfit for you of some of the clothes in my previous post. The jeans are also relatively new as I felt I maybe needed more than 1 pair of jeans, but they were not in the haul as when the photo's were taken I did not have them. They are the Jamie jeans naturally because these are my favourite and only Topshop jean style I have, but I went for a pale shade this time, and they are so comfortable and fit so well! I recommend them! 
Also, for once there was decent lighting woop woop! And also I got 2 posts up less than 2 weeks apart, which I haven't done in about 4 months so go me!
Also as all these items are relatively new, you can still get them so here are links to the shirt, jeans, top, and socks. I think I'm going to start putting links to pieces as whenever I see a outfit post with something I like I want it to be easy to find. What do you think, is this a good idea?
Thank you so much for reading and hopefully I can get my act together and post more often. Have a lovely day :)
Helena xox


  1. I love this outfit! Those jeans are gorgeous. ^_^ xx

  2. I love the outfit! Everything is so gorgeous! I especially love those socks ;) I followed your blog, it would be lovely if you could do the same back.

    Cory x

    1. Thankyou! Of course, I shall go and have a look at your blog now xox

  3. Love your style, the top is so cute! x

  4. Such a cute outfit! I love the back of the top.

    Martha x

    1. Yes I think it will be better in the summer as i won't have to wear a jumper/jacket and you will be able to see the lovely detail :) Thankyou xoxox

  5. Adorable style :)

  6. Yeah the back of the top is really pretty. I love the jeans too.
    Marian ^_^


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