Sunday, 16 March 2014

A - Z Of My Bedroom

 1/a-g    2/h-n    3/o-u   4/v-z 

\\a - a beautiful mess book//b - bow clip//c - candle//d - disney CD//e - eye mask// f - fox flask//
\\g - gilly hicks body spray//h - h book//i - iphone//j - john green books//k - keys//l - lip balm//
\\m - mushroom nightlight//n - necklace//o - owl cushion//p - pirates of the caribbean box set// (because i'm a boss)//q - quilted very well loved flats//r - rabbit nightlight//s - socks//t - topshop//
\\u - ukulele//v - victoria's scecret top// w - wonderstruck perfume//x - xmas decoration//
\\y - yellow cat tin//z - zoella company edition//

This idea just came to me the other day. I love reading posts about peoples rooms and I love doing tags and things like that so I thought I would create a room tag thingy. So I present the a - z of my bedroom tag! I really enjoyed doing this post and I think it reignited my love for blogging as its been stressing me out a bit lately and I haven't been enjoying it as much. But I think I'm getting back into it which is good :) I managed to find one for every letter so I'm quite proud :)

As I said this is a kind of tag so if you would like to do this I would love to see it. Let me know if you do so I can have a look :) I tag everyone!
Hope you had a lovely week
Helena xoxo

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

We'll Always Have Paris

//effiel tower in day time//eiffel tower lit up at night//notre dame//view of Paris at night//me outside arc de triumph//
Just a few snaps from my trip to Paris a few weeks ago :) We managed got to go up the Eiffel tower at night which was pretty cool and went to the Louvre, the Notre Dame and ate ALOT of macaroons . I loved Paris, if you haven't been I recommend it highly!  This post is a bit late because I have been drowning in studying in the last week but I have some posts planned for when my exams are finished.
Sorry this is only a short one, there are longer ones on the way :)
Hope you had a good week
Helena xoxo
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