Friday, 25 October 2013

Birthday Wishes

So on the 15th it was my birthday! I had a lovely day (even though I had to go to school :|) with all my friends and family and they made it really special and I got some lovely presents.
I got some requests to do a birthday haul both this year and last as I didn't do one, but I was a bit hesitant as I don't want to appear like I am showing of. But I love reading these and so do you so many of you so I wanted to do it. I am by no means bragging or showing off and I am very grateful for everything I was given. Here we are!

My main present was a sort of re-do of my room. I picked out this lovely bedding from Ikea a few weeks before my actual birthday and my mum kept it till the day. I think this bedding is super pwetty and I just love it. I also got some plain white Ikea curtains as well :). My parents also got me the owl chalk board and the cushion (it has tea on it...... ohmygosh) as little extras just to add to my room and I think they are just the cutest things ever.
I also got the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book, which I am so happy about! This is the one thing I really wanted and when I unwrapped it I did a little happy dance! I haven't completely read it yet but it is so amazing and I really recommend it. And finally my parents got me the 2 Victoria's Secret Pink Scents. For those of you who don't live in the UK, this probably isn't a big deal but There's only one in England and I went to it a few weeks ago but didn't end up getting anything :( My mum must have sneakily bought these and they smell so good!

My Grandparents and other relatives were very generous and gave me lots of vouchers and a few other little bits and bobs but my most favourites were the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume and 1984 by George Orwell (can wait to read this!)

My friends were also overly generous and got be loads of lovely stuff (most notably 5 bars of chocolate!) but my favourites were Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (this sounds so good!) Follow Me Down by Tanya Byrne, this lovely necklace from Topshop (which I saw in the shop before and said I loved :D) and these finger moustache temporary tattoos (are they not the coolest things you ever did see). My friend also made me a Chewbacca mask. I have the best friends.

If it was your birthday recently, I hope you had a lovely day and Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Helena x

P.s Thank you to anyone who said Happy Birthday x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lookbook: Grey Knit Jumper

Jeans - Topshop    Shirt - New Look 
Skirt - Brandy Melville  Belt - Primark
Skirt - New Look   Scarf - M&S 

I decided it was about time I did a sort of look book post and I decided to do it on one of my autumn essentials, my grey knitted Jumper from Forever 21 . The first look is super casual and comfy, a great look for every day and I love pairing collared shirts with chunky jumpers. The second is a great way to dress up this very casual item and I love tucking it into various printed skirts. The final one is a kind of in-the-middle out fit, not to dressy or casual, and It just makes me think of autumn with the colours and textures.

Hope you liked this post - Would you like me to do more look book style posts? Let me know :)
Helena xo

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes

  So for the second in my autumn series, I thought I would discuss nail polish. I have a little bit of a problem with buying nail polish so I thought I was about time I did a nail polish post. And as its autumn I thought I would share my favourite fall colours I'm looking forward to wearing :D
 L-R (little finger to thumb) - Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Lychee, Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Blackberry, Barry M Raspberry, 17 Royal Indigo, No7 Totally Teal.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Lychee - This is a lovely nude which I think is nice for a more subtle, paler nail. Its super opaque as its one of the gelly shines and you only need one coat. Plus like most of my Barry M's, it doesn't chip for ages. I can't wait to wear this more and I think its a beautiful colour.
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Blackberry - another of the amazing gelly shines and the colour is just perfect. For some reason I love dark blues and this is definitely my fav.
Barry M Raspberry - I have wanted to get my hands on this for ages and I finally bought it a few weeks ago. I love it. I just love it so much. I need say no more :)
17 Nail Polish Royal Indigo - I haven't used this in quite a while but I recently re-discovered it. I love the deep purple colour and I think it compliments loads of outfits. The formulation isn't as great as Barry M but its still pretty good and last quite a few days.
No7 Totally Teal - when I was first given this, I hated it. I hated how it looked in the bottle and thought it just wasn't my colour. However, I seem to really like it now. Its a lovely dark green colour and the pigmentation is surprisingly good. Its a bit more pricey but I think its worth it :)

So those are my top 5 :) I think my overall favourite is Blackberry. For some reason I just think its beautiful. What are your favourite fall colours?

Helena x
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