Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn Wardrobe Essentials

So today I'm sharing with you my autumn wardrobe essentials, clothing items I could not live with out during the fall months. Autumn is probably my favourite time of year in terms of trends and fashion. I'm going to be doing a few more autumn fashion posts over the next few weeks and this is the first so enjoy!
1. Knit Tights. I love Knitted tights for autumn and winter. They are so snuggly and warm and I love how you can pair then with a more summery skirt/dress and the transform it into a winter outfit. Its a really simple and easy way to cosy up you wardrobe and can't wait to start wearing them. :)
2. Knit Jumpers. I love these so much. You can pair them with collared shirts, over dresses, with jeans - They are so versatile. they are super warm and snuggly and I just love them. This is probably my favourite thing this fall.
3. Ankle Boots. These are great to were with jeans or skirts or leggings and they are really warm and cosy and a must have for me in winter. I'm looking to get a new pair as mine aren't look their best :(
4. Scarf. I have a love affair with scarfs. Whether it be knit ones or cotton ones, I juts love them. They add so much to a outfit. Since its autumn I thought I would share probably my most worn wintry one which is this knit one.
5. Duffel Coats. This is my newest purchase as I needed a new warm coat. I love the style of these and I think they are very in fashion at the moment. Love them so much :) :)

In case anyone was wondering, my jumper is from Forever 21, my coat is from Primark, my boots are from George at Asda, my scarf I think is from H&M and I cant remember about the tights, sorry :(.

So those are my autumn/fall essentials for when its getting colder, What are yours? Have you bought any new autumn stuff you are excited about?

Helena x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

50 Facts About Me

The lovely Rachelle from Beloved Bluebird tagged me to do the 50 facts about me tag so this is what I am doing today! Thank you to Rachelle, and lets get started!
 1. I live in England, just to the south of London and I've lived here all of my life and I love it.
2. Pizza and Frozen Yogurt are the foods of gods in my eyes.
3.I've never been out of my continent (Europe) but I have been to quite a few countries in it.
4. I am an obsessive fangirl and If I fall in love with something I get very obsessed.
5. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, Sherlock, Merlin, all You Tubers, TFIOS, The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, The Hunger Games.... and probably other things which I can't remember.
6. I love to bake
7. My favourite subjects at school are English and History
8. I fear spiders and talking in front of people
9. Je parle francais et Ich spreche Deutsch (not fluently but reasonable)
10. I've always wanted to be better at gymnastics
11. I'm quite bad at spelling
12. When I'm older I would love to travel the world.
13. I'm not allergic to any foods but to some medicines
14. Me and computers are not friends and I find web designing and html very hard.
15.My guilty pleasure is reality TV.
16. I love airports
17. I like travelling on trains and buses.
15. I really want a Polaroid camera.
16. My favourite sport is Tennis and although I've been playing for about 6 years, I can still barely hit a ball over the net.
18. The first youtuber I discovered was the lovely Fleur (fleurdeforce)
19. I love theme parks but unfortunately my friends don't :(
20. I'm shy sometimes but other times I'm the loudest person ever.
21. My laugh is weird and quite manic. XD
22. I don't play any musical instruments but I would love to learn Ukulele
23. I'm a Libra
24. I went through a phase of being obsessed with Pirates Of The Caribbean. I still love it but am not quite as obsessed :)
25. I hardly ever literally cry at movies, but I get really emotional.
26. The films I've cried at are The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, The Vow and The Impossible. I have a feeling that there are more but these are the more recent ones
27.Australian kids TV is amazing. When I was younger I used to watch Hi5, The Sleepover Club, Mortified.... (anyone remember those?!?)
28. I love how nice writing looks on a page. I think its so pretty.
29. I love comedy programmes.
30. I am never up to date with music and the charts. But I am trying too :
31. Lauren Conrad is my style crush
32. I still love High School Musical and other Disney channel movies. And I'm proud.
33. My middle name is Louise
34. I do not understand how to create a Tumblr page and to be honest I don't think I ever will.
35. Don't ever ask me to chose my favourite book
36. I love going to see shows in the theatre, although I don't go very often. Most recently I went to see The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nightime in London and it was amazing!!
37. I can't play football to save my life
38. I hate scary movies. HATE them. With a passion.
39. My lucky numbers are 7 and 15 (odd numbers rule)
40. I have to finish books. If I start them, regardless of whether I love or hate them, I feel I have to finish them.
41. I've never broken a bone :)
42. Tea is my life
43. I have a cat and her name is Taf, short for Tabitha (Its a long story.....)
44. I never seem to pick up song lyrics just by listening to a song.
45. However, I seem to pick up film lines and there are some films I can practically recite. I quote films on a everyday basis as well.
46. Best chocolate is Malteasers and Cadburys Oreo. Oh.My.Gosh.
47. Narnia is my weakness
48. I have no siblings. Can be good and bad.
49. I love drawing, but on my own terms and not forced in a art lesson.
50. Blogging is something I love and hope to continue for years to come.

I tag:
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and I tag anyone who wants to this! Let me know if you do so I can have a look! Once again thanks to Rachelle and I hope you know a bit more about me!
Lots Of Love
Helena x

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Graphic Tee

||   Top - Forever 21   Shorts - New Look   White Converse (unseen, sorry!) - Office  ||
Another little outfit for you all today! The shorts are a old wardrobe staple and the top just really caught my eye when I went into forever 21 a few weeks ago :). This is probably the last outfit of shorts for a few months as autumn has arrived and I am back at school *silently sobs*. So lots more jumpers and jeans!
Hope you all went back to school OK!
Helena x
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