Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Fly Away With Me

||   Shorts - New Look     Cardigan - Primark    Top - One-off shop near where I live || 

I did buy this lovely top in a little boutique thing near where I live but I found it on amazon too if you are interested. You can find it here! The cardigan is a newer purchase and for some reason it just said 'buy me'. And I love it.

Not much really to say this week. Wimbledon has started once again and as one of the highlights of my year, (a bit sad I know but still) I am pretty happy. Plus I only have a few more weeks at school - wooo!

I just thought I'd quickly mention that I am part of the Small Bloggers Network, which was created by the lovely Kate, and that there is due to be quite a few posts from me and the others members pretty soon so if you want to have a look, or join, then you can find it here!

Lots Of Love, Helena xo

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Little Things

- Taking the perfect picture
- Long bike rides and feeling the wind in your hair
- Pretty Pattens
- Wearing flip flops for the first time in summer
- When the sun shines in the evening
- Laughing until you can't breathe
- Finishing a book
- Looking back over photos of the best memories
- Going to the beach, swimming in the sea and feeling the sand beneath your toes
- Re watching your favourite movie you've seen loads of times
- Making something beautiful and feeling accomplished
- Having a stressful day and coming home to TV, pizza and PJ's
- Going in the kids playground and pretending to be a kid again
- Lying on the grass on a hot day and just talking for hours with your best friends
- Being happy 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Feathered Hearts

||  Top - Zara     Skirt - New Look      Bag - New Look  ||

Just another outfit I love that I wanted to share with you. I've been meaning to include this skirt in a post for ages and I particularly like it with this top. I don't normally include a bag in my outfit post but I thought I would today.
Nothing much more to say - my life's been pretty boring this last week. If you have any post you want to see in the coming weeks, please just let me know!

Lots Of Love, Helena xo

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Aztec Denim

Dress - Topshop     Cardigan - Primark
So the other day I went to a wedding and this is what I wore. I bought the dress a while back and I love it so so so much - it fits like a dream! Since it was a wedding, I wanted to dress it up a bit and added this lace cardigan.
Most of my exams finish next week so I should be around the blogosphere a lot more so look forward to more posts! Hope you had a good week ^_^
Helena xo
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