Wednesday, 27 February 2013

An Abundance Of Awards

So I have been nominated for a few awards recently and you've probably all been waiting for me to do them. So I am. I thought I'd do a post with all of them at once if that is OK. Always, I've tried to nominate as many blogs as possible and I've tried to nominate people who haven't already done it but if you haven't been nominated please don't think your blog is bad! If I could I would nominate every ones blogs!


 I have been nominated 5 times (5 times! - asdfghjkl ^_^) by Sunny, LilyDariaChloe and Marian. I have a feeling there is someone else but I honestly cannot remember so if that is you just let me know and I will edit this post and add you!

Sooo...the rules:
* Link back to the person who nominated you.(Done)
* Put the icon into your site.(Doing)
* Answer the questions.
* Nominate six more bloggers.
What is your favourite colour? Purple
What is your favourite animal? Cats or Penguins
What is your favourite drink? Tea
What is your favourite number? 7
What is your favourite day? Friday
What is your favourite flower? Daisy or Cornflower
What is your passion? Fashion (ah this made my laugh)
Do you watch television? What kind of question is this?? Yes I do.
Who is your favourite author? *refuses to answer*
Do you like 80's movies? I think so. There's not reason why I wouldn't. And I love the 80's 007's.
How do you like your eggs? I'm not really that fussed to be honest - I like pretty much any way - but I do love scrambled
When did you last discover blogging? Why when I was 8, I had a private blog with one of my friends so probably then. But I only actually became aware of blogging as a 'thing', probably early 2012.
Why do you like to blog? In the words of Joe Solomon (I had to use a quote somewhere in this post!) "There are only 6 reasons for ever doing anything; Love, Faith, Greed, Boredom, Fear and Revenge" I blog because I love it and it makes me happy and I like to think of you all as my lovely Friends!
I nominate (I know alot of people have done this so I tried to nominate people who I think haven't):


I know all you blogging oldies (bloggers who started before me in August) will have done this but I haven't. Thank you to the wonderful Abbie over at Abigail's Treasures who nominated me!
* Thank the person who nominate you. (As I said, thank you SOOOOO much Abbie!!!).
* Answer the 11 questions that the nominate has made for you, list 11 facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees.
* Nominate 11 bloggers who has less than 200 followers and who you think really deserves it. 

For the 11 facts, I did the 25 facts about me tag a while back so I'm just going to link that here for you to see.
11 questions from Abbie:

1. Name five people who inspire you and why do they inspire you? Alex Day, Emeli Sande, Adele, Bethany Hamilton (If you don't know who this is, I suggest you go and watch Soul Surfer. Good Film) an
2. What do you dream for the future? I don't know. I don't really like thinking about the future but I would like to travel around the world a bit, to NYC and Australia preferably
3. What are your hobbies? Blogging, Shopping
4. Song and why do you love it? Wild Ones by Flo Rida ft. Sia - I has alot of memories attached to it.
5. Who is your favourite blogger?Abbie, How can you do this to me??? I am not going to answer because you are all so amazing!
6. Food? Pizza and Pinkberry.
7. Clothing item? Shorts.
8. If you were stranded on an island, what three people and items would have with you? I'm being a devil and changing to 5: My 3 besties and My Mum and Dad and the 3 objects; A good book, A device with loads of pictures and videos of my friends and family on and a supermarket (not possible I know, but I can dream)
9. What was your happiest memory?I have so many its impossible to chose
10. What do you fear ? performing in front of people and spiders
11. And finally, who is your style icon? Probably Lauren Conrad. I've mentioned this before and done a post on her style so you can go and have a look at that if you wish. Its in the January archive.

11 Questions for my Nominees:
1. Why do you blog
2. How did you discover blogging
3. What is your favourite fashion brand
4. What is your favourite make-up brand
5. Favourite You Tuber(s)
6. Any fears or phobias?
7.Pet hates?
8. TV favourites?
9. Who is your style icon?
10. Hobbies?
11. Facebook Or Twitter?

The Nominees are
Daria @ Minty Fox
Rachel @ The Satchel Girl
Anna @ Floralled
Alyssa @ Oh Bean
Madi @ Love MadiLee


Thank you so much to Seana for this award!
*Link back to the person who nominated you
*Post the badge on your blog
*Answer the questions posed.
*Nominate five bloggers who shine a light on your day and notify them.
*Issue some questions you'd like them to answer.

 The Questions
Which do you prefer: One Direction or Justin Bieber? Upon thinking about this i am unsure. I like 1D's music better so I'll go with them.
What is your favourite genre to read (and/or write)? I'm kind of into the whole Dystopian-Hunger Games thing but I love spy/mystery novels to (Like Alex Rider). I don't like writing these though - I don't stick to one genre in writing - if I have a idea Ill write
Would you rather be deaf or blind? Deaf. I cannot imagine not seeing the world.
Who are some of your heroes (real or fictional)? I think I kind of answered that in question 1 of the Leibster.
What is a random fun fact about you that most people wouldn't know? I love airports. Don't know why just do.

I nominate:
Emily @ Emily Etc
Marian @ Accio Wonderland
Sunny @ A Sunny Spot

Questions I ask:

1. Where do you dream of living?
2. Favourite Film?
3. One object you could not live without?
4. Pinterest or Instagram?
5. Marmite - Love it or Hate it?

So that brings me to the end of this very long post. Some of you may have found this boring but I have been nominated for so many awards I felt it was about time. You can now see these awards on my awards I am now going to begin the mammoth task of informing this vast amount of people. Wish me luck!

Lots of love 
Helena xox 


  1. Oh wow well done! Just discovered your blog and LOVE it :)

    1. Thankyou so much! I have just followed your blog and I love it too! xox

  2. congrats on all the awards, great answers to all the questions! :)

  3. Great answers! You win a lot of awards 'coz your blog is AMAZING ><

  4. Well done on winning all the awards! Really loving your blog at the moment ;)

  5. thank you so much, Helena!! :D Only, I already did that award before.

    1. Don't worry I just wanted you to know your blog is amazing! xox

    2. aaawww thank you so much! **hugs

      Your blog is awesome too. It's so clean and simple,and I love that pic of the rose. Pretty. :)

  6. Hey, I nominated you for the What A Great Blog award. Here is the link with the instructions and such like xx

  7. Hii hII!!
    Thanks a lot for nominating me :)) You are really nice. I´ve alreday done the liebster award and I prepared another post, sorry.
    I love your answers!! I ALSO LOVE H.G. and my fav. book was the 3rd one. Most people didn´t like it. I just think it was veery emotional and it left a little scar on my heart. These boks mean so much to me. Woow you love airports! That´s really random but so cool!!

    Sorry f0r long comment I just had some things to say ;)

    LOVE Barbora♥♥

    1. I like the third one too! My fav is the first but I like the 3rd better than the second. Don't worry about doing the award - like I said before, this post was just a easy way of showing you all how much I love all of your blogs! I love long comments! ^_^ xox

  8. Thank you so much for nominating me Helena!! I'll get on to that post
    very soon!!!
    Wow, you've won a-lot awards, but that is because your blog is so inspiring to all teen girls
    and it's so amazing!! Xxxx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment - It made my day! Your are so kind and always say the nicest things. You blog is amazing too and I love it! xoxox ^_^

    2. Aww, thank you Helena, this absolutely made my day and you
      are always so kind and supportive of me :) thanks so much for
      always making me smile! :')

  9. Hello :) I have nominated you for the 'Seriously! What a great blog!' award! Congrats!!

  10. Hey I have nominated you for the 'Seriously!What a great blog award' Well done your blog is great

    Sanna xxx

  11. Hi:) I love your blog, so I've nominated you for the Seriously, What a Great Blog award! Find all the details on my blog:
    Ella xxxx

  12. I nominated you for the liebster award

  13. I nominated you for the Seriously, what a great blog award! Well done! I love your blog!

    ~Ellie:) x

  14. Thank you for the nomination! Xx

    1. It's because your blog is so amazing! xox

  15. Great blog! Congrats on allll the awards! I got nominated for Liebster one, and it was my first one and I was grinning from ear to ear!


    1. Yeah I felt the same way for my first award! Thank you for following xox

  16. Replies
    1. It's because your blog is just so amazing! xoxox

  17. Replies
    1. Aww Your Welcome! Its because your blog is so amazing xox

  18. Thank you Helena, I love it ^_^ Sorry to have collected it so late :)

    1. Don't worry - I awarded it because I love your blog soo much! xox


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