Saturday, 1 December 2012


I know I have done a few posts in the last few days but I needed to do another one (you will understand in a minuete)

Firstly, I cannot believe it, but I have won (~squeee~) the creative writng competion held by the wonderful Abbie at Abigail's Treasures!! I am so unbelievably happy and a HUGE thankyou to Abbie for choosing my story. The prizes were a guest post, a whatever you want post, a interview nomination for the 'Seriously! What A Great Blog!' award and my story published on abbie's blog. For the posts, interview and the winning story, go to Abbie's blog and see the 'The Results are in ...' Post which is linked here

Now I need to complete the award!

Top 10 Bloggers
Abbie at Abigails Treasures
Chloe at Pinstripes and Tights
Emily at Emily's Chronicles
Cat at Life Through A Cat's Eyes
Charli at Life Through Rose-Tinted Sunglasses
Stacey at Life at A Glance
Nicola at Nicola's Notebook
Skye at Sky Blue
Marian at Inkdropperr
Nushi at Life Through the eyes of a McFlyer

(I know many of these bloggers already have it but I wanted to nominate ones I love. If I haven't nominated you it isn't because your blog isn't good, its because i only get 10 :()

Answer some questions. (My answers will be written in green).
1. The Job You Want To Have? Unsure (Interview for more detail)
2. Favourite Singer/Band? Taylor Swift
3. Favourite Choc or Sweet? Milky Way
4. Three Words To Describe You? Funny, Kind and a bit deranged.

Thank the bloggers who nominated me
Thank You Abbie!!

Notify the bloggers

You can find the award on my new awards page (Oh yes, I have one of those!)

Just thought I'd quickly mention the lovely Yvie at Style by Yvie is running a giveaway and asked my to spread the word so go and check it out -

Once again a huge thankyou to Abbie! You are a wonderful blogger! See you guys soon! xx
Helena x



  1. Aww! Congrats again and you are more than welcome.
    And thank you so much for nominating me!!! I'm so happy!! Going straight on my blog!!!

    1. Your welcome! its coz your blog is so amazing

  2. Aww thank you!!!
    I'm so touched. Plus I've nominated you again!

    1. Plus I started a Christmas comp so I'd love if you could the message out there. Thanks.

    2. I mention it on my next post xx

  3. Thanks.
    I have nominated you for the 'What An Adorable Blog! Award' which is an award I created. For further details just go to my blog.


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