Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Haul

I hope you all had a amazing Christmas!!!! I hope you all got amazing presents as well. I thought I'd do a little blog haul of a few of my favourite Christmas presents that my Friends and all my family gave me.

Here are some of my main and favourite presents (I have not included the little ones I got in my stocking)

Top to bottom, Left to right : Fat Face Star Print Snood, Jack Wills Purple Zip-Up Hoodie, Next Navy Reindeer Wellies, Miranda Hart Is It Just Me Autobiography, H&M Orange Deer Jumper, Wild And Wolf Purse, Nicky Clark The Next Generation Red Hair Straighteners, Achica Zeela Blue Owl Cushion, Hollister White Lace Long-Sleeved Blouse.
The book (which is very funny) and purse were from my amazing best friend and I love them so much. My previous hair straighteners were rubbish and my mum didn't believe me until she used mine, and therefore realised why I had been moaning. Consequently, she bought me a new pair. I have wanted a owl shaped cushion for ages but none really go with me bedroom. This one does. I love all of the clothes featured very much and want to wear them all the time. Th-end.

This post has gone up a little later than plan - sorry about that - but it is up all the same. I hope you guys all had a amazing Christmas. What amazing presents did you get??

Have a great new year!

*all pictures are not my own



  1. Those wellies are to die for! :P

    1. I know they are soo pretty!! One of my best presents. Thankyou so much for commenting xxxx

  2. Awesome stuff Helena! I LOVE Miranda Hart! And I love that jumper - I gave it to my friend for Christmas but I was too skint to get one for myself! :(

    1. Yeah I love the jumper. It is sooo pretty and really warm! I love miranda to - she is so funny. Thanks for commenting xx


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