Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Haul

I hope you all had a amazing Christmas!!!! I hope you all got amazing presents as well. I thought I'd do a little blog haul of a few of my favourite Christmas presents that my Friends and all my family gave me.

Here are some of my main and favourite presents (I have not included the little ones I got in my stocking)

Top to bottom, Left to right : Fat Face Star Print Snood, Jack Wills Purple Zip-Up Hoodie, Next Navy Reindeer Wellies, Miranda Hart Is It Just Me Autobiography, H&M Orange Deer Jumper, Wild And Wolf Purse, Nicky Clark The Next Generation Red Hair Straighteners, Achica Zeela Blue Owl Cushion, Hollister White Lace Long-Sleeved Blouse.
The book (which is very funny) and purse were from my amazing best friend and I love them so much. My previous hair straighteners were rubbish and my mum didn't believe me until she used mine, and therefore realised why I had been moaning. Consequently, she bought me a new pair. I have wanted a owl shaped cushion for ages but none really go with me bedroom. This one does. I love all of the clothes featured very much and want to wear them all the time. Th-end.

This post has gone up a little later than plan - sorry about that - but it is up all the same. I hope you guys all had a amazing Christmas. What amazing presents did you get??

Have a great new year!

*all pictures are not my own


Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Observations

Firstly the world did not end. YAY. but really, did anyone think it would? But still, we are all alive for Christmas. IT IS CHRISTMAS, LIKE, TOMORROW!!!!!!!

I have noticed over the years in my relatively short life so rather odd and bizarre things that happen at Christmas...............

1) At school on the last few days of term, you never actually do anything. You watch rubbish films and do quiz, which don't get me wrong is fun, but if you are going to do nothing at school, why come in in the first place? Frankly, I'd rather have a HP marathon at home than watching the first 40 minutes of some Disney film i can literally recited the lines from as we have watched it every year (I do like Disney, just i want to see the whole thing, not half of it). Pointless, I tell you, just pointless..........

2)When you are Christmas shopping, there is always that one person that takes the last one of the present you desperately need and you have to go and find another. Very annoying.

3) There is always someone that gets a present from a grandparent or someone that they are not entirely sure if they like it. You can see they are not sure because they act ten times happier than they would normally. Tip for you all - If you do this it is extremely obvious.

4) You can get away with a lot more than usual at Christmas. Just by saying 'But it's christmas', they are a lot more likely to say yes. Give it a go ...

5)There's always one person who cannot wrap up presents to save their life and you know who's present it is from the minute it gets put under the tree.

6) People get overly competitive. At my school, a fun Christmas quiz turns to full scale war. Also, there is always a fight over what television is watched on the day. I am often involved in this squabble, I must admit.

7) Pulling Crackers is a death trap

8)There is always one person who eats so much they feel sick and can't move.

I'll probably think of a few more the minute I post this but I can't think of any at this moment in time. Plus I am tired.

Merry Christmas! Have a great day! XD
Helena x

Monday, 17 December 2012

Snow Is Falling, All Around You .......

I have a bit of a mixed post here for you today because I wanted to fit a lot in, so firstly IT IS ONLY A SMALL NUMBER OF DAYS WHICH I CANT REMEMBER UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!. Here are some of my top Christmas tunes .....

Band Aid - Do They Know Its Christmas
Elton John - Step Into Christmas
Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone
Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You
Slade - Merry Christmas Everybody
The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love (I also like the Gabrielle Aplin version)
One of the best things about Christmas is the utterly unbelievably good TV that is one. Dr Who, Miranda, Outnumbered and 2 Merlin episodes in 3 days!! I have a sad, sad life I know......
Also, on Saturday, I saw The Hobbit!!
 I've been waiting to see this since I saw there was going to be a film. I read the book, which was quite good but the film was amazing!! It had action, adventure, a little bit of sci-fi, just everything. Martin Freeman is the perfect hobbit and Cate Blanchett is really pretty. I Orcs were a little creepy but they were really realistic. The special effects were incredible! I wasn't expecting much as it must be hard to created not only fictional characters but the landscape and the Lonely Mountain but It look unbelievably realistic. If you like Lord Of The Rings (obviously), Dr Who or Harry Potter, I think this film is for you. The film did OK at the box office - it only made £52 million on its opening weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a amazing film - you should really go and see it. Go now - this instant - Go!!!!! So yeah, a must-see film. I like it.
Also I need a new mascara as my current one decides halfway through the day that it doesn't like my eye-lashes and prefers my cheeks and therefore I look like a panda. I am not entirely sure what one to get. Any Recommendations??
Have a good week. I hope to post again before Christmas!!
RIP all those children in Connecticut.
With Love
Helena xx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Christmas Tag

It's Christmas in case you have been living under a rock. I haven't done any Christmas posts but since it is now the mid-December i think it is about time i started to do some. Everyone has done the Christmas Tag so here is my version. 

1. When do you start getting excited about Christmas?
Mid-November is when I start thinking about Christmas but I get excited on the 1st of December.

2. Do you still have advent calendars?
Yes. And I always will.

3. What are your favourite Christmas Films?
Love Actually, Elf, The Polar Express
4. Do you have any funny Christmas memories?
Not really many on Christmas day but I hundreds with my friends around the Christmas period. Most involve me air-singing Christmas songs at awkward moments and my friends telling me to shut up and that i look weird. A recent one was at my friend's birthday party and one of my friends (Yes Scarlett if you are reading i am talking about you) was sitting on the arm of the sofa and I literally just pushed her off and she didn't even try to stop herself and just fell flat on her face. When I tried to help her up, I was laughing so hard I fell over and ended up sitting on her. It was very funny. Rant over.

5. Take us through your typical Christmas Day?
It doesn't really change at all from year to year and I love it. I wake up and take my stoking into my parents and open it. then we get up and have breakfast, although not much, and then get dressed. My parents like to get dressed before we open our presents which is a bit annoying but I don't mind. Then we open presents. Then have Christmas dinner around 1-ish (we have it early-ish) and after we just watching the utterly amazing TV that is on at Christmas.

6. What do you eat for Christmas Dinner?
Turkey, Roast potatoes, parsnips and veg. Oh and pigs in blankets.
7. Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Not particularly - but I always open my stocking in my parents bedroom.

8. Which are your favourite Christmas songs?
ALL CHRISTMAS SONGS! When I hear Christmas songs i know its Christmas! My faves are (brace yourself):- All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey, Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin' Stevens, Step Into Christmas - Elton John, Merry Christmas Everybody - Slade .

9. What is the best Christmas present you ever received?
I don't know because I have had many amazing presents. I tend to like the little presents as much as the bigger ones.

10. Real or fake Christmas tree?
Fake, but I do really like real ones; they make the house smell really christmasy. But we have a fake one as they last longer and don't make as much mess.

I realise I ranted alot. Sorry. I will be doing a few more Christmas post but if you have any you would like to see, let me know! Merry Almost-Christmas!

Helena x

Monday, 10 December 2012

Ridiculous, I tell you ....

I have been nominated for another blog award. The lovely Abbie over at Abagail's Treasures nominated me for the 'What A Adorable Blog' award, which she created, so THANKYOU Abbie.


Here are the rules:
You must nominate four bloggers (Oh I wish I had more. All your blogs are so amazing!)

- Abbie at Abigail's Treasures
- Sophie at A Day Dreamers World
- Stacey at Life at A Glance

- Marian at Inkdropperr

Answer the following questions:

- If you were stranded on a beach in the middle of no-where, which three people would you have with you?-  My 3 best friends because they are so amazing and would just make me laugh all day long.

- Which celebrity would you love to meet? I am not good around famous people;* I get sort of shy but anyone from Harry Potter or one of my favourite authors

- If you won one million ponds/ euros - whatever, what would you spend it on? Lots of Clothes, may be a little house, probably save a bit for uni and give some to charity.

- Pick two people you can't live without.  My mum and Dad - Aww.........

Notify the bloggers
Getting to that now

I had a bit of trouble getting the award button so if you have that problem the I found copy and pasting it onto paint then saving it worked.

I forgot to mention in my last post that Abigail's Treasures is holding a Christmas writing competition so go and check it out.

Lots Of Love

*I used a semi-colon. my English teacher would be proud.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Helena Hearts (Very Late) .......... November!

Happy December! It is almost Christmas - wooooo! Still loads of school though ........
Here is my November favourites

Music - Girls Aloud - Something New

TV -  Outnumbered

Beauty - Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

Fashion - BearPaw Ugg Boots

Book - A Street Cat Named Bob

Blog - Chloe at  Pinstripes and Tights

Comments -
  • I quite like Girls Aloud but not especially but I just love this song so much. It's really really annoyingly catchy
  • Wonderstruck is kind of self explanatory - go smell it if you haven't
  • I  read A Street Cat Named Bob right at the beginning of the month and I really enjoyed it.  A must read.
  • Outnumbered is being repeated on TV - even so its still amazing
  • I found these amazing ugg boots, new and unworn, in a charity shop! OMG they were £9 and retail for £49! Bargain alert.
  • Chloe's blog is amazing! Her posts are always interesting and i always look forward to reading them. Go and check it out!!
This post is a huge 6 days late - sorry. I have been nominated for another blog award (I know, ridiculous) but I wanted to separate them so it want a month of award posts. Its coming soon

Hope you enjoyed this post. xx

Saturday, 1 December 2012


I know I have done a few posts in the last few days but I needed to do another one (you will understand in a minuete)

Firstly, I cannot believe it, but I have won (~squeee~) the creative writng competion held by the wonderful Abbie at Abigail's Treasures!! I am so unbelievably happy and a HUGE thankyou to Abbie for choosing my story. The prizes were a guest post, a whatever you want post, a interview nomination for the 'Seriously! What A Great Blog!' award and my story published on abbie's blog. For the posts, interview and the winning story, go to Abbie's blog and see the 'The Results are in ...' Post which is linked here

Now I need to complete the award!

Top 10 Bloggers
Abbie at Abigails Treasures
Chloe at Pinstripes and Tights
Emily at Emily's Chronicles
Cat at Life Through A Cat's Eyes
Charli at Life Through Rose-Tinted Sunglasses
Stacey at Life at A Glance
Nicola at Nicola's Notebook
Skye at Sky Blue
Marian at Inkdropperr
Nushi at Life Through the eyes of a McFlyer

(I know many of these bloggers already have it but I wanted to nominate ones I love. If I haven't nominated you it isn't because your blog isn't good, its because i only get 10 :()

Answer some questions. (My answers will be written in green).
1. The Job You Want To Have? Unsure (Interview for more detail)
2. Favourite Singer/Band? Taylor Swift
3. Favourite Choc or Sweet? Milky Way
4. Three Words To Describe You? Funny, Kind and a bit deranged.

Thank the bloggers who nominated me
Thank You Abbie!!

Notify the bloggers

You can find the award on my new awards page (Oh yes, I have one of those!)

Just thought I'd quickly mention the lovely Yvie at Style by Yvie is running a giveaway and asked my to spread the word so go and check it out -

Once again a huge thankyou to Abbie! You are a wonderful blogger! See you guys soon! xx
Helena x

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