Thursday, 1 November 2012

Helena's Reviews : Skyfall

On Sunday Night, I went to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall! Here are my thoughts.

I quite like James Bond but I prefer the old ones to the more recent ones. However, this one is different.
I'm not going to give much away about the plot because its quite hard to describe as a lot happens but basically, Bond has to save 'M' (Judi Dench) from Silva(bad guy).
I really, really liked this film! It was really exciting and full of action, adventure, a bit of romance and surprisingly a little bit of humour. I think that Daniel Craig is quite a good Bond but Javier Bardem is a amazing villain! I think one of the best things about the film was the special effects - they were incredible! Really realistic. I also loved the storyline. I wasn't the conventional storyline as I went a bit more into Bond's past but I thought it was good and not one of the storylines that you new what was coming next. I do think of the previous Bond films can be found quite scary but this isn't. As I said there is a lot of action but It's not scary action. But I think my favourite part was the slight touch of humour. Bond movies nower days tend to be very serious so I liked that there were a few funny bits. They bought back some things from very old films as well. There was a little bit of romance like all Bond films but It wasn't excessive - just right in my eyes.
I realised from reading what I wrote that I have given a really quite awful review, but this film is fantastic and even if you don't think you like James Bond, I recommend you go and see it.
Rating: 23/25
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