Monday, 26 November 2012

Guess what??

I am rambling again  ...............
But you have said (through my poll, which is still open so go and vote!) that some of you like them and to be honest, I quite enjoy writing them.
As you may have noticed, the blog design has changed. I much prefer the new one as I think it is more 'me' . I makes me smile a lot more when I see it and I am also very proud of the fact that me , a techno novice, make a custom header!
I am sorry for my lack of blogging ... again. I have had many things to deal with in life this week but I have not forgotten. So I have a theory. I am going to post once a week defiantly from now on and if I have the time, which I hope to most weeks, post twice. Is this OK?
I've had a bit of a mind blank on what do do so I thought I would sort of do a post inspired by Stacey (I hope you don't mind!) from Life At A Glance, where she did a post on her favourite restaurants so I thought I would change it slightly and do my favourite places to eat in general. They are in no particular order because I love them all!

Wagamama has to be one of the most delicious places ever. For those of you that haven't lived, wagamama is as Asian, well they call it fast food but I don't think it is, restaurant which serves mainly noodle, rice and curry dishes. I love it!!
If I could I would live of pizza - it is my favourite food and Pizza Express is my favourite place to eat it. They serve pizza (funnily enough) and pasta and both are amazing ~licks lips~
Costa is amazing. Its a coffee shop-place but sells the most amazing lunchtime snacks, cakes and drinks. Sorry to all you Starbucks drinkers but I prefer Costa (I do still like Starbucks though)  I particularly love the Christmas stuff!
Pinkberry is very uncommon in the UK (there are 3 I think in Bluewater, Westfield Stratford and Selfridges but there maybe more) but from the few I have had, Pinkberry is one of the most amazing foods in the world. It's essentially frozen yogurt in a variety of flavours and you can put whatever toppings and sauces you want on it. Om Nom Nom!!
I feel I have to include some form of fast food and KFC is my favourite. I don't often have it but once in a while it is yum. this is my favourite of the fast food giants although I do like McDonald's chips!
I don't really know what purpose this post had but oh well your reading it so I posted it. Hope you enjoyed it
Helena xx


  1. Yeah, KFC is amazing but KFC chips are horrid ;)

    1. Yeah I agree! they are not good but the McDonalds ones are much nicer. Thanks for your comment xx

  2. I love Costa!! So good!

    I am here to tell you that 'Hey! that's so sweet! Blog award!'. For futher details go to Gjam's blog.

  3. Plus I personally don't like KFC.
    I've been there twice and I didn't enjoy their food as their food is quite greasy and so is the chicken.
    I really don't like their chips, and you are right that the McDonald's p
    ones are much nicer plus more edible.

    1. Yeah I totally agree with you about the chips. I'm not the biggest fan of burgers so this is more my thing but they do some chicken at McDonalds that I like just as much. Thanks for commenting :D :D :D xxx


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