Monday, 22 October 2012

Helena's Reviews: The New Skulduggery Pleasant!

I've decided to do a review on the most recent book I read: Skulduggery Pleasant - Kingdom Of The Wicked!

This is the newest book in the Skulduggery Pleasant Series - a series about a skeleton detective and his 17 year old side kick Valkyrie Cain (Stephanie). I'm not going to give to much info on the rest  of the series so if you haven't read them, I suggest you do so as they are AMAZING!!

In this book, mortals (people without magic) are suddenly devoloping magical powers and nobody knows why. And then there's Kitana. A teenage girl who along with here friends becomes infected. Becomes powerful. Becomes corrupt. And not just with a small amount of magic .....

I really, really enjoyed reading this book. When my friend first lent my the book, I wasn't really that excited about it. I'd loved the series but for some reason I just wasn't excited about it. However, once I started reading it ........ well that was when it changed. This book is full of mystery and excitment, adventure and action and is a gripping novel. I loved every single page! I saw the return of many of the best characters, in loads of diffferent and unexpected ways. Its also quite a funny book considering the plot is quite dark; there is quite alot of sarcasm which lightens the mood and make it a more enjoyable . There are loads of twists and turns in the plot and its not one of those books where you can easily guess the end. My description above is based on the burb but the actual story is alot more than what it said. It was quite a suprising book but that was one of the best things about it. So basically ................. I LURVE THIS BOOK!!


I hope this has tempted you to read this book (you should)!!
I am currently reading the Medusa series and so far love it so there maybe a review soon ..........

Helena xx


  1. Hey Helena,
    Great review!
    I added the following link on to Lilac Daisies so feel free to follow.

    1. Thanks for you comment! Ill just go follow x

  2. Skulduggery Pleasant! *fangirl squee*


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