Monday, 10 September 2012

5 Essential Make- Up Products

I dont wear very much make-up at all (sometimes none - actually quite regulary) but I like to make myself look a little bit pretty! So I thought I would tell you the 5 make up products I could not live without!! ( I apologise for the rubbish photo but Its just easier to use my Ipod and I cant work out how transfer photos from my camera!)

Left To Right - Balmi lip balm in Raspberry, No7 Blush in Honey, No7 Conceler in Medium, MUA Undressed Palette, Accesorize Collegen mascara in Black/Brown
Balmi Lip Balm - Just lip balm in general is essential for me. My Current favourite is the Balmi lip balm balls. They are very simaler to the eos lip balms but they are available in the UK. Its not cheap, but its well worth the money, comes in loads of flavours and smells divine
No7 Blush in Honey - I dont really like blush but this colour is a bronzy, natural colour which just gives a lovely glow and looks like your wearing no blush. I love it and wear it almost everyday!!
No7 Conceler - If I could have only one make up product, it would be this! I love conceler as I dont really want to where foundation or powder but conceler just corrects any bad areas. This one is my personal favourite as its very natural on blends out really well! Sorry, I've just gone on rambling; I tend to do that.
MUA Undressed Palette - I dont wear eyeshadow that much but this palette is absolutly gorgeous! Its got really pretty, neutral colours. I tend to just quickly sweep one colour across my eyes and It still looks great!
Accessorize Collegen Macsara - I really dont like that kind of fake-over-the-top-caked-in-mascara look on my eyes so I use this very carefully and sparingly. But when I get it right, it looks really nice. I actually prefer clear mascara but I need to get a new one as my current one is rubbish!!
As you've probably guessed I love the natural no-make-up look as I really feel you don't need to wear alot to look good, even if you think you do!
I haven't done a post on make up yet so I am a bit worried whether people will like it and have had serious deliberations over whether to post it. But your reading it so.... well ... here it is!! Hope you enjoy it!(Sorry again for my ramblings and the length of this post but I just can't stop myself!)
Have a great day
Helena x


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