Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Harry Potter Tag

Because of being a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I though I might as well do the HP tag. Its actually a you tube tag, but why not? Live on the edge!!
Favourite book - Deathly Hallows
Favourite Movie - Deathly Hallows Part 2 (funnily enough)
Least Favourite Book - Goblet of Fire (just to be clear, i love them all but this is my least favourite as i just don't like the storyline as much)
Parts of the movies/books which made you cry - I'm going to list these as there are quite a few ( some of them didn't make me literally cry but very sad)
- When Sirius dies
- When Dobby dies
- Bellatrix torturing Hermione ( I actually couldn't to watch it)
- Harry going to face his death
- Ginny thinking Harry's dead
If you could hook up with any HP character, who would it be?- Probably Ron .. or maybe Neville
Favourite Character - I'm going to split this into good and evil
Evil - Bellatrix but I'm not sure why i just like her (particularly in the film because she is proper evil) 
Good - Harry
What would your Patronus be? - Penguin ( If that's possible), Cat or some kind or wild cat
If you could have the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone or Invisibility cloak, which would you choose? - Invisibility Cloak because I do love a bit of fun!!
What house would you be in? - Pottermore Says I'm in Hufflepuff. Probably either that or Ravenclaw ( I'm not very brave so not Gryffindor and really I don't fancy Slytherin)
If You could meet any member of the Cast who would it be? -   All of them! but I had to choose, Daniel Radcliffe or Helena Bonham Carter (Basically my favourite characters)
Have you played any of the video games - No ( I'm not really into gaming)
If you where on the Quiddditch team which position would you play? - Chaser because i am really competitive!
Where you happy with the ending? -Yes. simple.
How much does HP mean to you? - quite a lot!!

Sorry for all that writing but I wanted to get all my opinions in!
I tag:
Cat from Life through a cats eyes
Abbie from Abbie Piano
Charli from Life through rose tinted sunglasses
Aimee from the life of a bookworm

Have a Great Day
Helena xx


  1. Thanks for commenting and following! Oh, and tagging! Doing this now!

    1. Thanks for reading my bog and following!!! I really enjoyed reading your tag xx

  2. aaahhh, Harry Potter :') I may do this tag when I have less of a heap of stuff to post about, it looks fun!
    Also: HELENA BONHAM CARTER!!! ~swoons~ This is one of the many reasons I hate Bellatrix - she spoils this brilliantamamus actress.
    PS, what is your Pottermore username? Mine is GalleonGold17 :)

    1. Thanks for commenting!! I totally agree about Helena Bohnam Carter! My username is SickleMugwump17123 xx :)


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