Thursday, 30 August 2012

Helena's Reviews : Divergent

I mentioned on a previous post that I had recently read Divergent. This is quite simply of the best books I have EVER read. So I naturally thought it needed a review. Here it is!

Before I start the actual review i though i would give a little bit of spoiler-free background info in case anyone was wondering whether so read it or not (you should) since the blurb on the back tells you pretty much nothing.

It is set in the future, in a divided society where everyone lives in Factions. There are 5 factions: Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, Erudite and Candor. Each faction believes that the faults of the world a based on one thing. Abnegation believes selfishness is the fault of the world, Dauntless believes cowardice, Amity unhappiness, Erudite ignorance and Candor honesty. Each faction lives totally different lifestyles and believe theirs to be the best. When you turn 16, you take a test to determine which faction you suit best. Then the next day you choose your faction; whether you want to stay in the one you where born in or transfer to a new one. Your test helps you choose but you can choose any faction you want. When Tris takes her test, something goes wrong .......

I hope that my description tempted you to read this AMAZING book!! Now on to the actual review!!

The storyline of this books absolutely insanely amazing!! Its addictive, moving, funny, happy and sad. It has everything that you could ever want in a book. Its got action, adventure, fantasy and a little bit of romance!! Veronica Roth is a absolute genius and I literally could not but this down!! Sorry for the short review but other than this book is so good I want to kiss it,

Divergent is part of a trilogy and at the moment there are 2 - Divergent and Insurgent. When I finished Insurgent I was soo sad but luckily the third is coming out next yeah!! There's even rumoured to be a film!!

I love reading and this is a great book!! I'd just like to mention charli from life through rose tinted sunglasses just 1 page campaign which I am now supporting. It aims to get you read a page a day and because of being a massive bookworm, I love it!!

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Harry Potter Tag

Because of being a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I though I might as well do the HP tag. Its actually a you tube tag, but why not? Live on the edge!!
Favourite book - Deathly Hallows
Favourite Movie - Deathly Hallows Part 2 (funnily enough)
Least Favourite Book - Goblet of Fire (just to be clear, i love them all but this is my least favourite as i just don't like the storyline as much)
Parts of the movies/books which made you cry - I'm going to list these as there are quite a few ( some of them didn't make me literally cry but very sad)
- When Sirius dies
- When Dobby dies
- Bellatrix torturing Hermione ( I actually couldn't to watch it)
- Harry going to face his death
- Ginny thinking Harry's dead
If you could hook up with any HP character, who would it be?- Probably Ron .. or maybe Neville
Favourite Character - I'm going to split this into good and evil
Evil - Bellatrix but I'm not sure why i just like her (particularly in the film because she is proper evil) 
Good - Harry
What would your Patronus be? - Penguin ( If that's possible), Cat or some kind or wild cat
If you could have the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone or Invisibility cloak, which would you choose? - Invisibility Cloak because I do love a bit of fun!!
What house would you be in? - Pottermore Says I'm in Hufflepuff. Probably either that or Ravenclaw ( I'm not very brave so not Gryffindor and really I don't fancy Slytherin)
If You could meet any member of the Cast who would it be? -   All of them! but I had to choose, Daniel Radcliffe or Helena Bonham Carter (Basically my favourite characters)
Have you played any of the video games - No ( I'm not really into gaming)
If you where on the Quiddditch team which position would you play? - Chaser because i am really competitive!
Where you happy with the ending? -Yes. simple.
How much does HP mean to you? - quite a lot!!

Sorry for all that writing but I wanted to get all my opinions in!
I tag:
Cat from Life through a cats eyes
Abbie from Abbie Piano
Charli from Life through rose tinted sunglasses
Aimee from the life of a bookworm

Have a Great Day
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